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EXO's Suho Made a Stunning Rockstar Turn in Solo Manila Concert

K-pop supergroup EXO’s charismatic and incredibly talented leader Suho embarks on his first-ever solo concert tour, “Welcome to Su:Home,” with Manila as his first stop outside South Korea

𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟒 𝐒𝐔𝐇𝐎 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐑𝐓 <𝐒𝐔:𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐄> 𝐈𝐍 𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐈𝐋𝐀 | Photo from @wilbroslive


Jaws dropped in awe, eyes feasted over the visuals, ears were blessed, and senses were made alive by EXO leader Suho with his “Welcome to Su:Home” solo tour. Presented by Wilbros Live, the event was held last June 22 at Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Manila.

Making Manila as the first stop of Suho’s tour outside of South Korea was a confidence-booster for the K-pop star as his show was met with the loudest cheers and resounding applause from the Pinoy audience, most of whom were made up of loyal EXO-Ls/Eris and Bunnyzens (Bunny Citizens, Suho’s fandom name).

“You are the starting point of the world tour of Su:Home. I think it’s destiny,” Suho smilingly declared as he acknowledged the Filipino fans with great fondness.

The show was an exciting explosion of visuals and a collection of eargasmic tunes off his solo EP releases Self-Portrait (2020), Grey Suit (2022), and the recently-released 1 to 3 (2024).

EXO's Suho at his concert in Manila
EXO's Suho at his concert in Manila | Photo from @wilbroslive

All the concertgoers entered the venue with banners and tulips that light up for the fan projects designed to inspire Suho. As the chatter among the fandom went on and the venue buzzed with little veiled excitement, the lights dimmed and all attention turned towards the curtain which promptly went up to reveal a bed frame or a mini-bedroom suspended in the air with no less than Suho up there. From up above, with the audience still in complete awe, he picked up the guitar and regaled the audience with his opening song "Mayday," followed by loving screams from fans cheering him on.

After that firestarter of a kickoff, it became apparent that it will be a pulsating vocal and rock party all the way through. Suho evidently came prepared and totally in his element to showcase his rockstar persona singing "Grey Suit," "Morning Star," and more—a wee bit shedding his K-pop boygroup image even just for the night. It’s not every day you see Suho perform with a guitar after all.

Adding to the fascination and amazed expressions of everyone is the grand set of Su:Home which looked like a three-floor doll house designed just for the show.

Sobrang na-miss ko kayo. You don’t know how much I’ve missed you,” Suho greeted the audience, sharing that the last city he visited six months ago was actually Manila.

“I hope that you’d feel comfortable in my home. This is actually the first show after releasing my third mini-album,” he added, referring to 1 to 3, released in May this year.

One of the visual and performance highlights of the show is the Cheese stage, the duet song with Wendy of Red Velvet off the recently released mini-album, with all three floors of the doll house (Su: Home) lit up with various lively colors making it a true visual delight. It’s hard to divide your attention between Suho and the whole production of the number—they certainly splurged on the budget and rightfully so. It was worth every penny (or ahem, every centavo).

Just when you thought the grandness would tone down, Suho rocked out again to 1 to 3 with the fans singing along and yelling “Set me free!”

And when one was about to take a deep breath and relax a bit, Suho then followed it up with the lively "Hurdle" and all signs of slowing down are gone with the EXO leader-turned-rockstar giving it all in his performance and EXO-Ls partying it up as a generous explosion of confetti rained down on the audience and giant plastic balls were playfully tossed around among the audience on the floor area.

The audience energy was so palpable, the K-pop star couldn’t resist celebrating it and showered the Manila audience with loving adjectives calling them “beautiful, sexy, cute, awesome, fantastic, amazing…” before he ended up saying, “You guys really know how to enjoy, huh?” Suho appeared amazed and impressed with the crowd as well.

Well-known for his rich vocals and heartfelt singing, Suho made sure to showcase his skills beautifully with his moving ballad "Curtain" and other slower songs such as "Self-Portrait," "Starry Night," "For You Now," "Moment," and "Let’s Love," a song that served as a background for a wedding proposal that transpired in an audience section. Apparently, Suho learned about this proposal and shared the story during his post-Manila show livestream.

For some long-time fans, the singer sitting down and passionately playing the guitar and singing "Decanting" is already a highlight and a remarkable part of the show but the K-pop star just have aces and aces up his sleeve.

Perhaps the most applauded, screamed at and overall hyped-up highlight of the show is the EXO medley where Suho ushered in Christmas very early in the Philippines no less with his rendition of the viral Christmas hit "First Snow." The crowd went wild when rockstar Suho took over "Growl," "Overdose," and "Monster" but this time around in his very own refreshing and banger rock versions of those EXO megahits.

You could literally feel the heat of the stage as it blew off flames to complete the massive rock concert experience. It took a while before the audience and even Suho himself recovered from that exciting and simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting part of "Su:Home." You could feel everyone’s adrenaline shot up with those beloved iconic EXO songs. 

Suho and his band did not let go of the momentum and kept at it with the vibrant and catchy "Alright Alright" with the song serving as a complete fanservice as the singer moved around and surprisingly went down to sing closer to the audience and even shook hands with some of the fans.

Before the encore, the audience called on Suho and serenaded him with "Made In You" wonderfully echoing within the walls of the coliseum. He eventually concluded the concert with the song and even extended it by requesting the audience to sing along with him. A duet with Suho is definitely the perfect way to end the mesmerizing and overall superb solo show that was meant for the audience to feel like home.

Magsama tayo magpakailanman. Mahal kita,” the singer told the audience showcasing the Filipino words he learned.

The "Welcome to Su:Home tour" is definitely a must-attend show for EXO-Ls and music enthusiasts alike as it’s a great show to marvel at because of Suho’s incredible energy and performance. It showcases his stunning 180-degree turn into a rockstar, the amazing band he’s with, and the grandness of the production. Overall, it’s an awesome place to vibe with fellow happy fans. 

Suho's other stops for his tour are Hong Kong (July 6), Taipei (July 13), Bangkok (July 20), Kuala Lumpur (July 28), Jakarta (August 10), London (September 10), Paris (September 12), Düsseldorf (September 14), Berlin (September 16), Warsaw (September 18), Dubai (September 20), Tokyo (September 27-28), Osaka (October 11), and Nagoya (October 12).

One of the core memories of this Manila leg of the tour is him adorably and cutely saying, “Manila, you guys are number one until now!” before hiding behind a curtain.

The EXO leader is quite the rockstar but also quite a softie as he admitted being touched by Manila’s warm reception to conclude his solo tour experience in the city.

Lead photos from @wilbroslive

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