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Famous Reality TV Show Producer Riaz Mehta Gets Behind The Drama Of Creating Beautiful Spaces With "The Apartment"

“I’m a TV producer, and I’ve produced a number of reality TV shows over the years, from The Biggest Loser Asia to The Apartment,” says Riaz Mehta, “Reality shows are about real people. They’re relatable people so when your audience is watching a reality show, they can see themselves through the characters.”

For The Apartment, Riaz gathers the most dynamic team of different personalities who will not just bring interior design to a mass audience, but also bring the passion for design to another level. “It all started in 2011 when I was thinking that there’s nothing in Asia of the same show concept that is of international calibre and entertainment based, at the most there’s those that are documentary style,” says Riaz who understands that part of producing a show is creating varied emotions for the audience. “That’s when I thought of the reality show, which will appeal to everyone with the drama behind it.”


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Riaz is currently based in Singapore, managing production in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and soon the Philippines. “I love beautiful spaces myself,” he says. “I believe that interior design is for every single person in this planet. It’s about creating a beautiful space where one can live, that is inspirational. The simple things that you can do in your home can transform your mood and make you happier.”

He is the founder of Imagine Group in Singapore. Established in 2005, the group is now the number one media and entertainment production company in Asia. It began when Riaz saw the lack of high quality original reality TV content in Asia, and saw the opportunity to fill the market need.

Today, Imagine Group is internationally acclaimed, with an Emmy Award nomination for The Challenger Muay Thai. With this, Riaz was recognized as one of the most prominent and powerful figures in Asia Media by The Straits Times Singapore in 2010. He envisions Southeast Asia as a world-renowned center for entertainment production and hopes to bridge the gap between Asia and Hollywood with more compelling and original shows. 


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Photos courtesy of Riaz Mehta and The Apartment TV