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WATCH: Celebrity Sons And Daughters Honor Their Dads On Father's Day

Their dads will always have a special place in their hearts. And no matter where life takes them, they'll always be reminded of the lessons they learned from their fathers

They say there’s nothing like a father’s love. Dad is the rock of the family, who serves as a limitless source of strength and support in the household each day. Fatherhood is no easy feat. That’s why, when an opportunity to proclaim our love and appreciation for them comes, it would always be a great idea to take it. Here’s a compilation of how some of these celebrity kids paid tribute to the most special men in their lives who have been by their side since day one.

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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Z Teo And His Kids On Metro Society's Digital Cover

Mariel de Leon

For the former beauty queen, her dad is a loving, generous, and hardworking man who is willing to do everything for his family no matter what. “He also has a great work ethic, but he works hard not for himself but mostly for his family and the people that he loves,” she says. Her dad recently survived his battle against COVID-19, and the strength and positivity he displayed throughout that experience made Mariel appreciate him even more.

“I think his life revolves mostly around God, love, and family, and that’s the thing that I admire most about him,” she continues, adding how he would always remind them of the importance of putting their trust in Him and His plans. “He always tells me not to worry too much or not to stress too much about things, and to just leave it all to God and know that I’ll be okay,” she concludes.

Paolo Valenciano

“Intense, supportive, and funny.” That’s how Paolo Valenciano sees his dad, Mr. Pure Energy Gary V, saying that his “intense edge” many witness when he’s performing onstage is what they exactly get to experience at home as well. “He’s just really a go-getter. When he has his mind on something, he really doesn’t stop until he achieves it,” he says.

The most important lesson he has learned from his father is to always have a burning passion for excellence—a trait that has greatly helped him get to where he is today. What’s even more impressive is how he still manages to make time for family, he adds. Admittedly, he didn’t really understand his dad's work when he was younger, but Gary's sacrifices just to be with his loved ones have made a lot more sense to Paolo today. And because he saw that from Gary, Paolo values family time very much as well now that he's a father himself.

Franco Daza

Franco’s dad Chef Sandy Daza never fails to amaze him with how “hardworking, godly, and loving” he is. “Every day, from sunrise to sunset, he works hard. And he doesn’t just work hard professionally, he works hard to make sure that his kids are continually well-raised and that they get the lessons that they need in life, to excel, and be successful,” says Franco.

He’s someone who would always ask how his kids are doing and teaches them to be grateful for God’s blessings and to always put Him first. Chef Sandy would always remind his kids to draw not only strength and courage but also wisdom and knowledge from God, and let those ultimately guide their paths.

Jayda Avanzado

Jayda’s dad Dingdong has been an endless source of inspiration for her. Apart from being sweet, he’s also a good talker who loves expressing his love for his family and speaking his mind about things he's passionate about.

“He puts his heart and soul into whatever he talks about,” she shares. The most important lesson she has learned from him is that nothing can replace hard work and commitment, which have been imbued in her since she joined the showbiz industry. “Of course, I deal with naysayers and haters but I think that itself is a perfect response to them and to anything in life. And I think it’s a very healthy attitude to have. It’s just to keep working hard, to keep persevering for your dreams,” she explains.

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