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Felicia Hung Atienza Showcases The Atienza Home-Slash-Menagerie-Slash-Museum

A home that’s filled not just with furniture and appliances but exotic animals and art pieces? Welcome to the Atienza home.

Felicia “Feli” Hung Atienza, known as the wife to showbiz personality Kim Atienza, is a homemaker like no other. A true boss lady, an environmentalist, and a style trailblazer, she puts together everything she loves and stands for in the way she has built their house.

Joey Mead-King visits her home for Women of Style and gets a tour of their eclectic abode, which is filled to the brim with animals you would normally see in zoos, and art pieces that speak of so much character.



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A home-turned-menagerie

Feli admits that it’s not just her husband Kim, but really the whole family who shares this love for animals and nature. This is why they have transformed their house into a menagerie of sorts for all kinds of animals, domestic and exotic.

While they also have the usual house pets, the Atienza home-slash-menagerie is filled with animals you’d normally go to the zoo to see. In fact, Feli welcomes Joey to her home bearing a beautiful tropical bird named Mojito, only one of the many colorful birds that they have under their wing.


Welcome to the Mini Atienza Zoo!



As a huge fan of reptiles, they also have a number under their care. But Feli reveals that taking care of reptiles doesn’t just start and end there. They find themselves breeding more animals and insects than they expect because taking care of reptiles means taking care of their feeder animals and feeder insects, as well.

This is because they want to keep their small menagerie as homey to their pet animals as well. Feli says they make sure that everything that the animals eat are natural and not processed, that’s why they keep a handful of caretakers, vets, and dieticians to help them out.


Burmese python


Their snapping turtles are fed galunggong meat


Feli and Joey with a 20-year-old Philippine reticulated python


Iggy the iguana


And when asked how many animals they keep in their home, Feli says they’ve lost count. While they’ve gotten used to the number of animals they live with, guests are always astounded with how many they keep inside their home—including bats!


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Art-filled home

It’s normal to see home nowadays filled with paintings and art pieces as accents and decoration. But at the Atienza home, they have allocated a special space for all their art collections, almost like a museum, as a sort of homage to the pieces they have taken the effort to choose and buy.

Feli says that unlike others, they don’t usually buy from exhibits. “We know the artists really well and that creates an affinity for us. That’s why a lot of the artworks, we don’t buy from exhibits, but we actually go to their homes, we raid their homes. There’s a connection,” she says.


Feli says Kim is very fond of collecting chairs


Their artworks range from normal to eclectic


Most of their art pieces, from paintings and installations to sculptures and chairs, are eclectic and random. Feli says that they like the splatter of color and the randomness that comes with the pieces that they buy. But while they don’t necessarily go for the same artworks, their love for animals and nature still shines through in the sculptures and paintings that they choose to buy.


Find the animal-themed pieces


Catch more of Felicia Atienza’s story and home tour on Women of Style on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD. Feli’s episode premieres October 21, 7:00 p.m., with replays throughout the week.