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Apart From Mr. Grey, These "Fifty Shades Freed" Men Made The Movie Experience Even Hotter

The final chapter has finally come to our theaters, and Fifty Shades fans are probably hot to see not only the ending of this well-loved franchise, but also all the beautiful people who are part of the movie's cast. First in line: none other than Mr. & Mrs. Grey aka Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele (Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson).

Next comes the other characters, like Ana’s bestfriend Kate (Eloise Mumford), Christian’s sister Mia (Rita Ora), the couple’s architect Gia (Arielle Kebbel), and of course, the men that made the cinema atmosphere “sizzle” further.

We take particular interest in finding out about these guys because, well, why not? These hot men on Fifty Shades Freed definitely deserve a share of Mr. Grey’s spotlight in the film, so we did the dirty work and did some research on these equally glorious men for your pleasure (pun not intended). If you haven’t seen the movie, read on and feel the excitement before you rush to the cinema. If you’ve already watch it, well, we know you love a little bit of reminiscing on the scenes of theses dreamy dudes.


1. Brant Daugherty aka Luke Sawyer


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He’s probably the first one your eyes will follow throughout the movie. Eye Candy #1 has a pretty decent screen time as Ana’s bodyguard, as assigned by her husband. Fifty Shades is so far his biggest movie break, but he’s also popular in the pop culture scene as Noel Kahn in hit TV series Pretty Little Liars. Oh, and if you can’t get enough of him, a quick search on Google will reveal his countless shirtless photos. Thank us later.


2. Luke Grimes aka Elliott Grey


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Although we know that Christian and Elliot are not biological siblings, I think we can agree that, with both of them sharing good looks, they can pass as one. He appears on one part when his character does a grand gesture, and we’re totally envious we wish we’re the one getting all his love. Think he looks familiar? You may have seen him in the movies American Sniper or Taken 2, or TV show True Blood.


3. Eric Johnson aka Jack Hyde


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We’d love to hate him because he just can’t let Mrs. Grey be happy in the arms of Mr. Grey. Ana’s former boss/stalker is creepy onscreen, but this just goes to show how the actor is so good at his craft. Before the Fifty Shades trilogy, you’ve probably seen him in Flash Gordon and Smallville. Fun fact: He played the young Brad Pitt character Tristan Ludlow in Legends of the Fall back in 1994. He can’t hide the fact that he’s really dashing, despite that beard he grew now.


4. Tyler Hoechlin aka Boyce Fox



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The last, but definitely not the least! He may appear just a few minutes in the movie, but that’s enough reason to watch out for him as he plays as one of Ana’s authors (what a hot author he is!). Apart from being a sexy author, his resume extends to being a werewolf in Teen Wolf, Superman in Supergirl. He was also BuddyTV’s 3rd TV's Sexiest Men in 2011. 


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