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30+ Father's Day Tributes From Our Favorite Celebrities & Personalities

Dads—they can be complicated or straightforward, silly or serious, laidback or scene-stealing. But no matter what they're like on the outside, their kids love them through and through, knowing that underneath the surface lies a heart that's caring, nurturing, and kind all at once. 

With Father's Day coming to a sweet close this weekend, many of the metro's most well-known names took the time to greet their dads and husbands, sharing all the reasons why they deserve all the happiness in the world on this special occasion and beyond.


Check out our Father's Day special in the links below:


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See what they had to say, and at the end, make sure to give your dad some love, too!


Happy Ongpauco 

This entrepreneur shared a photo of her with her dad from when she was younger. 


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I was , I am and forever will be Daddy’s Girl! Love you , Dad !!! Happy Father’s Day??????

A post shared by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu (@happyongpauco_tiu) on



Korina Sanchez

Korina penned a nostalgic caption to accompany a vintage photo of her father who she openly reminisced about over the weekend.


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My Dad. Sorry, I’m such a fan of my Dad. I think he looks like Rock Hudson. Sort of. Everyone loved my Dad. The type of guy most likely to be Most Invited. Good looking, jolly, agreeable. But I remember him as the one who exemplified humility and wisdom. To this day I pray for these, because that’s what my Dad showed me. I look at my twins today and I think, “how I wish you to have met your Lolo Monching”. Pepe looks like him. Oh well, I was blessed to have my Dad for a bit. I still skip a heartbeat when I remember him. We will meet again. Dad, my kids I owe to you, and I vow to raise them as you would have been so proud to have them.?? Happy Father’s Day Ramon Sanchez, Sr.

A post shared by Korina Sanchez-Roxas (@korina) on



Martine Cajucom 

Done in Martine's signature style, an Instagram story of her dad was included in her daily posts of super stylish OOTDs and makeup looks. 


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Cristalle Belo

This weekend marked Cristalle's second Father's Day with her husband Justin Pitt, and even though only a year has passed since they welcomed their son Hunter, she's already collected a ton of memories to look back on and share on this special occasion. 


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Jessy Mendiola

Jessy posted a sweeter than sweet photo of her and her dad on Instagram that shows off just how much her looks take after his!


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Janine Gutierrez

Injecting a bit of fun in the holiday, Janine posted a funny photo of her father from his youth. 


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Saab and Maxene Magalona

Saab and her husband Jim Bacarro celebrated their second Father's Day together this year, while her sister Maxene kept their dad's legacy alive by posting a photo of him. 


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“And I will never ever see a man like my old man.” Happy Father’s Day, Pop ??

A post shared by Maxene Magalona-Mananquil (@maxenemagalona) on




Sarah Lahbati 

She's always been one to put family first, and this time, it's her husband Richard Gutierrez who's getting the spotlight. 


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Happy Father’s Day to my love @richardgutz ?? Thank you for being the best dada ever. We love you so much ??

A post shared by Sarah Lahbati (@sarahlahbati) on



Marian Rivera

New mom of two Marian Rivera posted a beautiful photo from a shoot that she and her family participated in.


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Happy Father’s day Mi Amor! ?? @storkstudio

A post shared by Marian Rivera Gracia Dantes (@marianrivera) on



Kiana Valenciano

Sometimes, all it takes is a gesture; words are unnecessary when you have an extra special bond with someone. Such is the case for Kiana and her dad Gary, a pair happy to celebrate Father's Day this year after he recovered from serious illnesses last year. 


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Lucy Torres-Gomez

This congresswoman has always gone all out when sharing tributes about her family, whether they be for her daughter Juliana who just graduated from high school, her own family, or this time, her husband and fellow public servant Richard Gomez. The caption to her Instagram posts for her own dad and Richard speak for themselves. 


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Dear @gomezjuliana, When you were maybe just 4 or 5 years old you declared with fire in your eyes ‘Me and Daddy, we do danger!’ You have him to thank for all the fun you had playing in the rain, climbing up the roof, rolling in the mud, skipping steps down the staircase, going up or down the escalator the opposite way, spooning butter and eating it like ice cream, wrestling, throwing a punch. This same man would also allow you to hide behind stacks of shirts in closets, put you in a basket in the grocery, allow you to climb over him and step on his back as if he were a mountain, turn over tables and chairs. (If it were up to me you would just be indoors, baking and drawing and doing arts and crafts.??) Happy Father’s Day @richardgomezinstagram! Thank you for giving our Juliana a wonderful and fun childhood.♥? You are an adventure.

A post shared by Lucy Torres Gomez (@lucytgomez) on




Kim and Boop Yap

Stylists and sisters Kim and Boop Yap made Father's Day a whole family affair by celebrating with a group of loved ones.


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Vania Romoff

Go-to designer Vania Romoff gave her husband Steven much-deserved appreciation.


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Happy Fathers day to our main man, @stevenfuglister . We love you forever!??

A post shared by VANIA ROMOFF (@vaniaromoff) on



Joanna Preysler

Compiling a series of photos that best show what an awesome dad her husband Raul is, Joanna definitely helped make him smile this Father's Day. 


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Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

Bianca dedicated not one, but two Father's Day posts for her husband JC Intal!


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Needless to say, we are crazy about you!! Happy Fathers day to our one and only. ? @jcintal7

A post shared by Bianca Gonzalez Intal (@iamsuperbianca) on



Andi Eigenmann

Andi will be a mom of two in a few weeks, and while she waits, she continues to let her partner, Siargao-based surfer Philmar, know that he'll be a great dad. 


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Happy fathers day @chepoxz! You will be ??, I’m sure!??

A post shared by Andi Eigenmann (@andieigengirl) on



Chesca Garcia-Kramer

Nothing beats family time for parents Doug and Chesca Kramer. And for this happy mom, she made sure to highlight her husband's commitment to their kids and how much parenting has been a joy because of him. 


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Iza Calzado

Iza might have already bid her final farewell to her dad, but she still holds a special place for him in her life as seen in this black and white photo she posted of him. 


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Aivee Teo

Dr. Aivee Teo has always shown off her love for her family and shone an extra bright light on her husband and business partner, Dr. Z Teo, on Father's Day by sharing a heartfelt slideshow of her favorite moments shared with him over the years.


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The perfect time to remember our favourite moments with our super dad @drzteo ?? Fathers Day 2019?

A post shared by Dr Aivee (@draivee) on



Fatima Rabago

This model and happy mommy of two had a beautiful story to tell about her husband and fellow model, Hideo Muraoka. She talked about the challenges he faced as a model on the rise who was advised to hide the fact that he was a father lest it be a liability for work. Refusing to live a life where she concealed one of the things he's proudest of, Hideo showed off fatherhood loud and proud! They welcomed their new bundle of joy, Kenzo, a few days, too! Check out the full anecdote below. 


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Let me tell you something about the best father I know, not so many people know this: Hideo never hold a baby I’m his arms before becoming a father, but when Daniela was born something clicked on him, I saw it, the way he looked at her, his smile, the bond... he was really meant to be a father, he is always been a man of value and word, in his industry when Daniela was a baby, he was “advised” not to tell he was a father, it was better for work, when he asked me for advise I told him that whatever he decided I’ll support him on that but it was really his choice to make, he knew that something was not right and he didn’t want to live a lie wether that meant maybe less work for him so he decided not to hide the fact that he was a father, instead he was a very much proud father! He told me he didn’t care about status o work if that meant not telling people he was a father, he is real and honest, and he will never be comfortable living a lie, when Daniela was 3 years old he got offer to go to New York and LA by one of the best agencies in the world, he asked me again for advice, not everybody gets the offer to go to NY with the best modelling agency’s and he knew it was a big deal, I again told him it was his choice to make and I’ll support him no matter what, he chose Danda, he couldn’t leave for months and not to be present on his daughter’s life, education, milestones... even if that meant loosing a huge opportunity like that, this is Hideo, he is a real FATHER his life turns around his daughter he does everything for her, he talks the talk and walks the walk, there is no a day that pass by that he is not reading, studying and trying to improve his lifestyle for him and his family, he is full of love, honesty love, value and mean. I have no words to express how proud o am to see him become the father and the man he is, your kids will look back on the future and will thank you and will be so proud of you I’m sure, as I am now, thank you for your values, for your huge heart and for providing your family the amazing life we have all by being present, caring, honest and loving you are a great example as a father and as a man, we love you ?? happy Father’s Day ??

A post shared by Fatima Rabago (@fatimarabago) on



Divine Lee-Go

She made an important announcement on Father's Day; aside from greeting her dad and her husband, she announced that she would name her daughter after her father, too!


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Isabelle Daza-Semblat

"Your love fits us perfectly," Isabelle wrote on Instagram to Adrian Semblat, her husband of almost three years and dad to their son, Balthazar. 


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Your love fits us perfectly, happy Father’s Day.????

A post shared by isabelledaza (@isabelledaza) on



Camille Co-Koro

Newlywed Camille Co is spending her first Father's Day outside of her family home this year but the physical distance between her and her dad didn't stop her from remembering him on his special day. 


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Andi Manzano-Reyes

Mom of two Andi Manzano-Reyes called her husband GP her and her daughters' superhero on Father's Day.


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The best dada ever. Our superhero. We love and adore you so much @gp_reyes ??

A post shared by Andi Manzano Reyes (@andimanzano) on



Catriona Gray

Reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray credited her dad for helping raise her to be the woman she is today. 


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Kelsey Merritt

Even girls as busy as Kelsey can take time off to greet the first man in their lives! Check out this photo Kelsey shared on Instagram on Father's Day.


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Tricia Centenera

As a first-time mom, Tricia showed extra appreciation for her own dad, her partner, and all the father figures her daughter Arrow was blessed with. 


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Anne and Jasmine Curtis Smith

This pair of sisters picked adorable TBT photos of themselves and their dad taken over a decade ago when they were but a little girls. Jasmine went the extra mile by juxtaposing the vintage image with one taken recently, hilariously recreating the pose from years before. 


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Vicki Belo

Here's a video made by a mom Vicki Belo to her husband Hayden Kho, her ultimate partner in crime in raising their daughter and little Instagram star Scarlet. The brief AVP is full of their best travel photos as a family, and they're as cute as can be!


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KC Concepcion

KC didn't hold back when she penned a thorough Father's Day greeting that detailed all the reasons why she loves her stepfather, Senator Kiko Pangilinan; from supporting her as an actress turned jewelry designer, to teaching her lifelong lessons and values, KC had a lot of great things to say about her dad. 


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Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez

Philux's CEO Stephanie put together a cute collage of a few of her dad's best moments from their recent travels and family experiences.


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Kathryn Bernardo

Despite how much she's grown over the years, on Father's Day, she assured her dad that she would always be his little girl. 


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Kryz Uy

Her dad got lots of attention and love on Father's Day and who Kryz called her "main supporter" and the person who taught her one of the most important lessons she's learned. 


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Kelly Misa

Kelly's dad and her husband each got their personalized greetings from her on their special day. Calling her dad "her first love" and listing down a few of her favorite things about her husband, both posts were equally sweet and thoughtful. 


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Alex Gonzaga

Actress and YouTuber Alex Gonzaga took a break from her usually silly social media posts and instead shared a simple Father's Day message for her dad who is also a lolo to her sister Toni's son, Sevi. 


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Not just the best dad but also the best lolo!!! Happy father’s day daddy Bo!!!! We love ya ??

A post shared by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on



Mikaela Martinez-Lagdameo

This model mom cracked a joke or two in her public Father's Day greeting, revealing a few of the things she loves the most about her husband and the father of their three kids.


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Kim Chiu

While cutely calling her dad "Pop" in an Instagram story she shared yesterday, Kim gave her six million followers a glimpse into a family vacation abroad she enjoyed with him.


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Maggie Wilson

She didn't greet just one dad, but four! Maggie included her and her husband's fathers in her Father's Day tribute.


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