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Frankie Pangilinan's Dramatic NYC-Themed Pre-Debut Photo Shoot Is A Must-See!

It's a big hello to burgeoning womanhood and a bittersweet farewell to childhood for Simone Francesca Emmanuelle, Metro.Style cover girl Sharon Cuneta and Senator Kiko Pangilinan's firstborn, as she gets one step closer to her debut. 



18 soon ?? Frankie Cuneta Pangilinan ??Pre debut shoot

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For Frankie, as she's more fondly called (or Kakie, according to her closest friends and doting parents), her upcoming birthday will be unlike any other. She's turning 18, the exciting age in which young girls enter a new realm of life filled with endless possibilities.

The ate to Miguel and Mariel (and little sister to KC Concepcion) has geared up for the special occasion with the beautiful invitations she has sent to guests, and most notably, an eye-catching pre-debut photo shoot she executed with studio to the stars, NicePrint Photo

In the series of photos, Frankie sheds the lightheartedness of girlhood and embraces a sultrier, more self-assured side of herself reminiscent of the classic NYC gal: artistic and boldly fashionable in any setting, with a steady gaze that pierces right through the heart. 

If the images are a snapshot of the kind of woman Frankie will gradually grow into, we're seeing a lady driven by confidence and someone who possesses an unwavering command of her audience. 




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Shot in a building off the beaten path, Frankie posed for the camera in five stunning outfits: an all black trouser and blazer pair matched with strappy, pointy pumps, a strapless dress done in the style of many a noir femme fatale, a flowy gray dress, an understated white button down that showed off her mile-long legs, and a figure-flattering skirt and halter top topped off with a wide-brimmed black hat.

Tunes from great Amy Winehouse played in the background to set the mood. 

A classic red lip, loose waves, and gradient brown eyes pulled everything together, making the young Frankie the most beautiful she's ever been, so far. 




To help Frankie bring her vision to life were set stylists Rabbithole Creatives, celebrity glam duo Juan Sarte for her makeup and Jay Wee for her hair, and event planning group Teena Barretto. 

Overall, her mom Sharon seemed to approve of the finished product and penned a lengthy tribute to her daughter on Instagram that openly expressed her love for her. 

"Just you wait! The world is at your feet and the best is yet to come. I am crazy about you and miss you so much! You have grown up to be more beautiful (inside too!) than anyone could have ever imagine," she wrote in part. 


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An adult in eleven days...MY FRANKIE...My darling Simone Francesca Emmanuelle. God has heard, the meaning of Simon, from which her name Simone is derived. Francesca after her Daddy Francis (his name is not Francisco, which is what many people think). Emmanuelle, another name for Jesus. My girl, my Baba. My loving, affectionate baby. I am so blessed to have YOU in my life, my Kakie. You make me feel like I haven’t failed at all, and for that I will forever be grateful. Thank you for loving me, respecting me, for being a good and grateful daughter. Remember - there is only one in the Ten Commandments that is followed by a promise: “Honor thy father and thy mother, and thou shall be blessed.” And you are, my darling. No matter what may be hurting your heart, you are and will always be blessed because you are a good daughter. Just you wait! The world is at your feet and the best is yet to come. I am crazy about you and miss you so much! You have grown up to be more beautiful (inside too!) than anyone could have ever imagined. I miss your hugs and kisses and always, ALWAYS your loving moral support for me in anything I do. Thank you for being proud that you are my daughter. It means the world to me. Just like you. I love you with all my heart. Forever, Your loving Mama. ???????????????????????????? @juansarte Thank you so much, Juanie for making my Simone even more beautiful! We love you!

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As of this writing, the only thing left to look forward to is Frankie's biggest day as a teenager on the cusp of adulthood.

She's managed to keep her debut's juiciest details under wraps, but we're guessing that her photo shoot's theme is bound to have a more elaborate representation at the big party, and just maybe, a song number or two performed by the musically inclined celebrant herself might also be in the works. 

While we wait for Frankie's grand reveal on December 16, her debut's official date, check out a sneak peak of Frankie's party invitations provided by KC Concepcion: 




Photos courtesy of NicePrint Photo and from @itskcconcepcion