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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Delivers A Powerful Speech At The Critics’ Choice Awards: "I Will Never Be Silenced"

Unofficially, 2017 was the year of Wonder Woman.

Last year, the superhero film starring Gal Gadot, directed by Patty Jenkins, stormed the box office hits, taking the no. 1 spot during its opening back in June 2017. And today, it seems like Wonder Woman’s time on the awards circuit continues as she receives a special award at the 2018 Critics’ Choice Award.

The actress was presented with the #SeeHer Award, the award which was created last year by the Association of National Advertisers to honor positive female women who are leading the fight to destroy stereotypes and present realistic portrayals in the media.

The award was presented with honor by no other than the movie’s director. "She didn't do it for the glory. She didn't do it for the fame. She's not here for the money. She did it for us. She knew the great importance of this character and what she could mean to the world if well done," said Patty, before presenting the award to Gal.

Following the footsteps of last year’s honoree Viola Davis, Gal delivered an equally inspiring speech when she took the stage to a standing ovation. As she accepted the award, Gal discussed the importance of making Wonder Woman not only a hero but also a multi-dimensional character to whom everyone can relate to. “She's full of heart, strength, compassion, and forgiveness. She sees wrong that must be made right; she takes action when everyone around her is idle. She commands the attention of the world. And in doing so, she sets a positive example for humanity.”

She then referenced the #MeToo and Time’s Up movement.

“In the past weeks and months, we've been witnessing a movement in our industry and society, and I want to share this award with all the women and men who stand for what's right: Standing for those who can't stand or speak for themselves. My promise and commitment to all of you is that I will never be silenced, and we will continue: band together to make strides, uniting for equality.”

Below, watch her full speech:



Photos from @gal_gadot (thumbnail) and MrTreknation on YouTube (cover photo)