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Bea Alonzo's Birthday Greeting For Gerald Anderson Confirms Their Rekindled Romance!

It's the sweetest Throwback Thursday post and birthday greeting you're going to see in a while: a nostalgic photo of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson, plus a caption penned by her confirming that they are, unequivocally, back together! 



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That's right, "BeaRald" is officially back on, their fans everywhere overjoyed by the dreamy reunion. They've been on the lookout for a cookie crumb trail to confirm speculation about this rekindled romance, and finally, their sleuthing has been rewarded. 


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Coming straight from the source, the photo that was taken nine years ago was posted by Bea herself in time for her beau's 30th birthday, and wrote the most heartfelt message to go with it. 



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"This photo was taken back in 2010. Back when I fell in love with you for the first time. Amazing how time just flies. Can’t help but get a little sentimental especially because you’re spending your 30th bday in another continent in a different picture. You are a wonderful man. Happy birthday babe. You are my great love story," Bea said. 


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To refresh your memory, here's a condensed crash course on BeaRald's history: 

They first got together in 2010 when they were both fresh faces in the industry. Then in their early twenties, they were met with opposition from different people, with a massive part of their daily dose of backlash coming from "KimErald" fans (a.k.a. supporters of the now-dissolved Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson love team) who wanted nothing but Kim and Gerald's reel relationshio to be real, too. 


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The pressure to part ways and concentrate on each other's careers surpassed their desire to stay together, and so, a break up in November 2010 ensued. 


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It was tough on the pair as they had split up for external reasons, and not because of a mutual acknowledgement that they weren't right for each other. Throughout the years that followed, the two would occasionally touch base, sometimes revisiting old feelings but never quite acting on them. 



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That is until late last year when Gerald started making appearances on Bea's social media feed, suggesting that he was becoming a big part of her life again.

Steam picked up when he was there when she graduated from culinary school last September, was her red carpet date at the ABS-CBN Ball a few days later, and her travel buddy over the Christmas holidays in her snowy Japan vacay—all very couple-like things to do!



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Pretty much all their fans were waiting for was an official statement from either one of their idols, and come Gerald's birthday (which he's currently spending in chilly Missouri), it's finally come. 

Just as the nine years between their first date to their second chance at love was worth the wait, the sweetness of Bea and Gerald's admission has definitely made their reunion's announcement worth the wait!


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