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Gerald Anderson Reveals His Side Of The Story—Fighting, Not Cheating, Caused The Breakup

After weeks of speculation, he addresses all our most burning questions about his controversial split from Bea Alonzo

Guilty or not guilty? 

According to the actor himself, it's the latter. 

In an interview with ABS-CBN entertainment reporter Ganiel Krishnan, Gerald Anderson spoke up about his controversial split from fellow Kapamilya star Bea Alonzo for the first time.

Since getting entangled in a multi-pronged breakup last month, the 30-year-old has stayed mum about the flurry of rumors attempting to explain what might have happened. 

(In case you need reminding, it was speculated that Gerald and Bea had broken up because of the involvement of Julia Barretto. Julia and Gerald starred in a movie called Between Maybes that was shot overseas in Japan, and many were quick to assume that the co-stars had developed feelings for each other then,  despite the fact that Gerald was in a relationship with Bea. 

Things escalated to uncontrollable proportions when photos of Julia and Gerald attending Rayver Cruz's birthday party in July made their rounds on the Internet.

Bea hinted at her sentiments about the series of events on social media, and in an interview, claimed that she and Gerald hadn't officially broken up; he simply stopped talking to her, and that left her unsure of their status as a couple). 

Now that you're up to date with this saga, let's move on to the latest update:   

Gerald refrained from making comments about any of this until now, finally revealing that he and Bea had been arguing oftenand it was ultimately one massive fight where overwhelming emotions came to light that tipped the scales, at least in his eyes. 

Still referring to the fight, he also said that they came to a realization that they had just been hurting each other and that it was no longer a healthy situation to be in for either of them. 

Gerald made no mention of formally ending the relationship, however, and he added that Julia was uninvolved in the breakup. He made it clear that it was his and Bea's issues as a couple that ultimately caused the end of their relationship. 

Photos from @andersongeraldjr