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Hu Yi Tian: Getting to Know C-Drama’s Rising Actor

The rising popularity of Chinese actor Hu Yi Tian is undeniable as he stars in several C-Dramas that have been airing consecutively. Could he be the up-and-coming C-Drama prince?

Hu Yi Tian just innocently gives off a princely countenance as well as the “first love” vibe.

It must be because of his seemingly quiet persona, shy smile or his tall and lanky appearance. He looks like your mysterious and unattainable campus crush or high school love—someone you daydream of or write about in your diary.

The Chinese viewers seemingly couldn’t get enough of the star either as he is incredibly booked and busy.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to catch a glimpse of Hu Yi Tian owing to his several C-Drama promotions. Just last year, he starred in three dramas namely Handsome Siblings, My Roommate is a Detective and You Complete Me. He opened 2021 with another drama Unrequited Love and while it’s still airing, it appears the highly anticipated Go Go Squid 2: DT & Appledog’s Time—of which he plays one-half of the titular role—is set to air soon too. He also has two upcoming dramas to be aired this year.

He made his acting debut on A Rush to Dead Summer but it was with his role as Jiang Chen on the 2017 hit youth drama A Love So Beautiful opposite actress Shen Yue that he caught the public’s attention. In 2019, his popularity grew when he joined the hit C-Drama Go Go Squid and won over people with his introvert gaming champ character Wu Bai/DT. This opened up an opportunity for him to star in the show’s spin-off.

But as he stretches and expands his filmography and resume, it’s never too late to get on the Hu Yi Tian train and start to get to know him and the projects he’s been in.

First, some basic yet important information about the handsome actor.

He was born a day after Christmas in Zheijang province where his hit drama A Love So Beautiful was set in. Hu Yi Tian must have been considered a Christmas gift to his parents. He was born on December 26, 1993 in Hangzhou, Zheijang China. Incidentally, A Love So Beautiful was set in Zheijang Province.

Hu Yi Tian is A Love So Beautiful co-star Shen Yue’s first kiss. In one of the Behind-The-Scenes for the drama, his A Love So Beautiful leading lady Shen Yue confessed that their drama kiss was, in fact, her first kiss.

He started out as a model before trying out acting. Prior to being an in-demand young actor, he was a student who majored in landscape architecture at Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic and worked briefly as a model.


He sings too! If you love the drama A Love So Beautiful, you will know that he participated in the soundtrack of the show. It’s no less than the show’s ending song called It’s A Dream. Technically, you end the show each time by listening to his melodic voice. In 2019, he recorded a song again and this time for the Magical Chinese Character OST.

Despite debuting in 2017, Hu Yi Tian has already scored several recognitions and awards. Forbes China listed the actor under their 30 under 30 Asia 2019 list. In 2017, he won the Most Promising Actor award at the 11th Tencent Video Star Awards and the New Generation Young Actor Award at the 9th China TV Drama Awards. He also scored the Most Promising Artist award at the 8th iQiyi All-Star Carnival in 2019.

He experienced a lot of “firsts” with the historical drama Handsome Siblings. In an interview, Hu Yi Tian shared that apart from this being his first costume drama, Handsome Siblings enabled him to learn martial arts, ride a horse, sword fighting, wire work and many other things for the first time.

Armed with these pertinent details about him, why don’t you check out Hu Yi Tian’s essential dramas to complete the experience?

A Love So Beautiful. In this nostalgic and coming-of-age drama, Hu Yi Tian plays the role of the cold, aloof and top student Jiang Chen who eventually falls for his neighbor and classmate, the happy-go-lucky girl Chen Xiaoxi (Shen Yue) who kept pursuing him.

Go Go Squid. A romantic-comedy set in the world of eSports, Hu Yi Tian is Wu Bai/DT—the resident Team K&K leader who is quiet, mysterious and a loner but a reliable gaming champion. He plays the cousin of main lead Han Shangyan (Li Xian)

Go Go Squid

Handsome Siblings. Hu Yi Tian is Hua Wu Que, one half of twin brothers who were separated at birth. Both the twins, though apart, grew up to be supreme martial artists. Hua We Que and his twin brother Jiang Xiao Yu (Chen Zhe Yuan) were raised as rivals but they found themselves forming a solid friendship as they search for their true identities.

My Roommate is a Detective. The action-thriller drama finds Hu Yi Tian as Lu Yao, a young man who has a remarkable skill in deduction and a brilliant mind that helps solve difficult cases. He forms part of a detective squad trio that solves unsettling and obscure murder mysteries.

You Complete Me. As Gao Shan, the actor plays a scheming lover out for revenge for his father’s sake. However, he unexpectedly falls in love with his enemy’s daughter.

Unrequited Love. In this drama, Hu Yi Tian plays the role of Sheng Huai Nan who was a good childhood friend to Luo Zhi (Hu Bing Qing). They have even spent a lot of memories together growing up. However, their friendship faded as time passed by. Luo Zhi was unable to express her feelings for Huai Nan and thought that what she felt was unrequited love. But fate had other plans and threw the two old friends together once more.

Go Go Squid 2: DT & Appledog’s Time. Captivated by Hu Yi Tian’s Wu Bai/DT character on Go Go Squid? Good news! He’s back on a spin-off that especially focuses on him. This time around, the story follows Wu Bai and his growing admiration and feelings for gaming female icon Ai Qing/Appledog.

Charmed by Hu Yi Tian? Give him a follow, a like and some hearts on Instagram: @hu_yitian. Don’t forget to stream his C-Dramas on Netflix, iQiyi and WeTV.