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Scottish Hottie Richard Madden Should Seriously Be On Your Radar—Get To Know Him!

One look at his rugged good looks should be enough reason, but rest assured there's definitely much more to love about this film, stage, and voice actor who bagged the Best Actor in a Drama Series award at the 2019 Golden Globes.  

He's a rising star that's on his way to becoming a household name and—if he isn't already—a fireball of a favorite among the ladies, too. If you're just as curious to get to know the man behind this handsome face, read on to learn about everything you need to know about Richard Madden. 



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He's a Stark and a Prince

Richard's international fans might feel like they've seen him before, and they're right! He played Robb Stark on HBO's hit series Game of Thrones, but was one of the many casualties in the show's infamous "Red Wedding" episode.

With his own appearance perfectly matching the fictional character's appealingly unpolished yet kingly looks, he caught the world's attention and it's never looked away from him, since. And although he did exit the show rather early on, the role is considered to be his big break in Hollywood. 

Also worth noting is his portrayal of the Prince in Disney's 2015 live action remake of Cinderella featuring Lily James as the titular princess. 



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The award-winning show

Finally having proven his acting chops, the BBC took notice of his talent and soon cast him in Bodyguard, a one-season political drama about London's Metropolitan Police Service's Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch. Richard played the leading role of ex-military man David Budd, a project that not only required him to shift gears and be an action star, but also to flex his dramatic muscles and execute controlled, yet effective, emotional performances. 

It definitely helped that the show required him to be complete nude in a very, very steamy scene, of course. 

He clearly did a great job as this role was what garnered him his first Golden Globe. (It was such a special moment that his parents had even flown in from Scotland to be there for him!)



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The next 007? 

With Daniel Craig no longer holding the honor of being Agent 007 and the position still open for the next candidate, Richard has been thought to be a popular contender for the coveted role. 

Decision-makers behind the James Bond franchise have been looking to shake up the character after all these years after all, and casting a younger man to play the part (James Bond has traditionally been portrayed by more mature actors) might just be the career bullseye that a 32-year-old Richard could aim for. (If rumors are true, he might be going head to head with Idris Elba who could potentially be the first Black British James Bond). 



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Origin story 

Unlike his theater and film contemporaries, Richard didn't always dream of becoming an actor. It was quite the contrary; he was an extremely shy child who found it difficult to socialize and express himself, and acting was decided to be the best antidote to this. 

He went on to star in several local stage roles in his home country of Scotland, and eventually transitioned to bigger things when he was tapped in British series Hope Springs 10 years ago in his early 20s. His Game of Thrones stint followed two years after, and the rest is history.  



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Relationship status

Don't hold your breath; he's taken. 

Ellie Bamber is the lucky lady, and she's an actress too who's starred in Pride and Prejudice and Nocturnal Animals. They were first linked in 2017, with Richard himself confirming the romance late last year. While not exactly strong in the PDA department, they've been candidly photographed hand in hand, sharing a couple of smooches, leaving events together (and spending the night in each other's homes) in the past months. 

There's no denying that they're an item!



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What's next?                                   

If you're giddily excited for Richard's next projects, smile a big smile.

He's playing John Reid, a real-life individual and music manager, in Rocketman, the upcoming biopic about English musician Sir Elton John's rise to stardom. The role will again reinvent Richard's fans' image of him, one that will add even more layers to his onscreen capabilities. 

Is there anything Richard can't do? 



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And as the cherry on the cake, we've collated our favorite Richard Madden photos to cement this Scottish bloke's face in your mind's eye in this gallery below for your mid-week enjoyment. 

Happy scrolling!




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