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Get Well Soon, Gary V—Post Heart Surgery, Mr. Pure Energy Leaves Hospital For Home To Recharge

The nation was caught off-guard when his public statement about his medical situation was posted a day after Gary Valenciano’s scheduled heart surgery last May 5. Gary, who is widely known for his active and clean lifestyle was immediately required to undergo a bypass following sudden pain and discomfort during a performance.

“After that dance, I felt a sensation I’d never felt before—not even during the times I would push myself, riding my mountain bike on the trails for extended periods of time—I felt tightness and pain in my chest. Upon consulting my doctor, he advised me to go through tests immediately,” he shares. Gary’s nearest and dearest flocked to their stations upon his diagnosis to prepare for battle, even his granddaughter, Leia, had her shift to care for “Papi”.



It was noted by his doctors that the heart itself and everything else, save for one vessel, were healthy, strong, and okay. The medical revelation was that Gary’s left main artery was blocked by 95% and its walls were already extremely thin due to his diabetic condition. On the day itself, just before he was wheeled in for the operation, he posted this Bible verse:



Ezekiel 36:26

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To ensure the least amount of tension surrounded the country’s beloved performer and his family during the procedure, the state of the matter was revealed to the public post-operation instead. He addressed his fans and loved ones post-surgery to reassure them that he was looking forward to his life getting back into regular programming after a much-needed season of rest and recovery.



Gary’s wife, Angeli, his ever-faithful and constant companion through life, show-business, and diabetes continued to stay on top of all the medical updates and the flood of well-wishers and messages they received especially online.



Friends and Family. They all came to the hospital even if they knew they couldn’t see Gary or they came prior to the surgery to visit even if NO VISITORS ALLOWED haha... the outpouring of love was amazing and such a blessing ... text messages.. fruit, flowers, cards, snacks, healthy food, our Puregold and S and R family who just kept sending us meals, Zsa Zsa dearest who sent us so much food, Hope in a Bottle gang, our Unicef family who made posters for Gary, the Genesis team that stood by us, the fans, our pastors who came to pray, our corporate partners, our Abs-cbn kapamilya ... Pastor Paul Chase, Brother Gus and Sally Lising, Pastor Efren Viray, Pastor Alex and Judy Tinsay, Pastor Peter Kairuz,Bro Eddie Villanueva.... we were so blessed by all your prayers.... maraming salamat from a wife who needed support during one of the biggest faith-stretching crisis situations in our life. To those we couldn’t accommodate I apologize it was just a situation where the risk for infection was serious but we love you no less. Most of these photos were prior to or during the 6 hour surgery or after the angiogram. I love you all. Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray for his complete healing and recovery. ?????????? #garyvalenciano #garyvishome #thevalencianos #CABG ##openheartsurgery

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Mother’s Day this year was not the usual type of celebration for her, but Angeli lives and responds to life’s blows as if there is always something to celebrate and smile about even in the toughest of times. Paolo, Gary’s eldest son, the concert director, acknowledged her solid place in their hearts and lives online, while Gabriel posted a tender collage, thanking her for her strength and perseverance amidst challenges.





Superman ??

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On the third day, May 8, he stood up and walked. The discipline and determination of my husband have never ceased to amaze me. So even after a super major open heart double bypass surgery, he has been doing his breathing and chest coughing exercises religiously because he is determined to use his second life and his new heart to accomplish his unfinished mission on this earth. The day before his surgery, he faced the window and looked at the horizon and said “I wish I could sing the song .. “ and proceeded to sing “Take this cup away from me..” then took a deep breath and went back to his bed. The cup wasn’t taken away ... and so his next season in a most difficult but victorious life journey begins. Gary remains standing. To Jesus be all glory, honor and praise. #garyvalenciano #mrpureenergy #thevalencianos #prayforgaryv #openheartsurgery #babysteps #garybegantowalk #newheart #3xstronger

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Gary has always had unbelievable challenges. He was born and went straight to an incubator as he almost died, having been 10 months in his mom’s womb. When everything was coming up roses, he had to go to the CCU again for yet another challenge yesterday but overnight he conquered it and it so happened that @gabvalenciano was the “bantay” last night overnight at the coronary ICU. So I was able to sleep! yey! What a wonderful mother’s day present from the Lord ! Walking in the hospital corridors on his way to the 16th floor to thank the nurses and doctors who took care of him... I could only praise God for his sweet surprises. Time to go home and renew his energy. And His timing is so wonderful - he is coming home on Mother’s Day! God is good. #garyvisgoinghome #garyvalenciano #thevalencianos #mrpureenergy

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The Valencianos have had more than their fair share of ups and downs together but nothing quite like this; the heart of the head of their family being in real danger. His children took to social media to post photos of their love for him without too many details at first.



Focus on Christ and he will help you walk on water @garyvalenciano ??

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As always, even in the darkest of seasons, it isn’t life with the “Vees” without the usual dose of his children’s humor. They’ve had to resort to going at it for the meantime (being funny) over social media instead, because at the moment their Pure Energy Papa is not allowed to laugh hard while healing up. Underneath his post-surgery vlog clip all three siblings left people “in stitches” by noting how great their father looked after a major operation.



Last Sunday, on Mother’s Day (May 13), Gary was discharged from hospital having inspired and blessed a lot of the hospital staff on board who faithfully cared for him during his stay. He was quite relieved to be able to return home with his family by his side. The act of remaining positive and being able to touch lives in the midst of their own storms is the gift that Gary and his family give to so many people time and time again. We from Metro.Style wish Valencianos joy and peace for days, as for the man himself, the swiftest recuperation just in time for what’s coming soon, Father’s Day.



Earlier today, Gary posted the above video clip from today’s therapy session. It looks like someone’s in a good hurry to heal! We wish him Godspeed.