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Bianca Gonzalez-Intal Reveals How She Gets Her Kids To Eat Their Fruits And Veggies

Picture this scenario: It’s time to feed your child. You prepare a healthy plate with rice, fried chicken, and a veggie dish on the side. There’s also a glass of juice and water, ready for your kid to consume. He comes and looks at the food, only to drop his utensils and quickly reach for the chicken. Bites. Sips a bit of water. You encourage him to taste some of the vegetables but he shakes his head, protesting. In the end, he finishes his chicken, and runs off to play.

Sounds familiar? Parents have gone through a lot of struggles to feed their children a healthy meal, no thanks to kids’ picky palates. Vegetables become the enemy. Fruits aren’t a welcome sight. Water is difficult to drink. But candies are a go-to treat, hotdog is a day-to-night craving, and soft drinks quench kids’ thirst.

As parents, you want what’s best for your kids—so you try to find solutions to counter the possible health deficits that come with a lack of fruits and vegetables in one’s diet. TV host and mom influencer Bianca Gonzalez-Intal understands this. Now raising a toddler and a newborn, she shares the same concerns about her kids’ nutrition. Thankfully, this 36-year-old mom has found her formula, and gladly imparts some hacks!



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During Tang’s #UhawAreYou campaign launch where the hydration gap for kids and adults alike was discussed, Bianca sat down with Metro.Style to give some useful tips for moms and dads who find feeding kids healthy food a real challenge. In terms of fulfilling children’s fluid requirements per day, it was suggested to regularly remind them to drink and have them take other sources of liquid, other than soft drinks, in the form of refreshing flavored fruit juices and more.


Here are more tidbits from Bianca for moms with toddlers and babies like herself:



1. Introduce more bland food first before giving them tasty meals. 

“What I feel what worked with my firstborn was that, the tip that my doctor gave me is, when you introduce food, whether it’s mashed food or real viands, introduce the food with the blander taste first. Because if they get used to something flavorful right away, that’s what they will look for, and they won’t want food that is less tasty. That worked for me.”


2. Make the fruit the reward for eating well. 

“I would make the fruit the dessert. So in my kid’s head, it’s the reward. I condition her mind, I guess, that the fruit is the treat. Because instead of making it an enemy, that you have to eat your fruits or your veggies, it becomes the treat at the end of the meal. You can have fruits because you ate well.”


3. Lead by example. 

“I think that my daughter eats vegetables because she sees me eating veggies as well. For her, that’s normal. Children really mimic you.”