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Gina Lopez On Driven: A Warrior Of The Earth And A Champion Of The Underprivileged

On her 40th day of death, we look back at Gina Lopez’s episode on Driven, where she talked about the time she left the Philippines to do missionary work and why she came back

Gina Lopez was 18 when she left the country and decided to become a missionary in Portugal, and then in Africa. It was during that time that she learned how to live outside her privileged life, get to know the real world, and do God’s work.

This was how Gina started her story as she sat down with Tricia Centenera on Driven, where she talked about her life as a missionary and why she went back to the Philippines.


Doing missionary work for 20 years was one of the most challenging but fruitful moments in Gina’s life. It was where she was molded into this person that embodied the love and grace of God, and worked to share this love with others.

She recalled being in Africa, having nothing to her name, working to feed herself and the many people who looked to her for support. But for her, having nothing and being nothing shouldn’t ever make you feel like you’re doing nothing significant in the world.

“Never feel that you’re small,” she said. “If you feel small, you would do small, dream small. And I felt that when I was in Africa. I was just a nothing there, but I never at any point in time, felt I was small. I felt that I was doing something for God and because I felt that, I projected that.”

And so when she went back to the Philippines, she carried on that mindset, that faith, that she wanted to spread the love of God through her work.

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A warrior of the earth

It was no secret that it was Gina Lopez who endeavored to continue her father’s work and grew the ABS-CBN Foundation. She founded Bantay Bata to help children in need, jumpstarted Bantay Kalikasan to help the environment, and push for livelihood programs throughout the country to lift people up.

“The environment has God’s energy,” she said, that’s why she made sure she worked on saving as much of the Philippines as she could. She rehabilitated esteros under Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig, and tried to protect potable water and various bodies of water from mining chemicals during her short stint as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) secretary. She also wanted to spread awareness about the environment through her show, G-Diaries, and encouraged organic and natural living with her retail brand, G-stuff.

“I love the effect of human consciousness. I know that God’s happy. I can feel it,” she said.

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Hearing Gina talk about her life and her passion, one would feel her childlike aura. She loved to dance and sing, and she looked at everything through a positive lens. When Tricia asked Gina where this pure and uncomplicated take on life comes from, Gina just said, “It’s the wonder of life. You enjoy it.”


She, indeed, led a beautiful life well-lived. Rest in peace, Gina Lopez.

Watch the full episode of Gina Lopez on Driven below.