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5 Golden Globes Winners Who Gave The Sweetest Onstage Shoutouts To Their Parents

As famous and successful as they've become, these A-list celebs haven't forgotten about the people who first supported them and will forever be their biggest fans: their parents!

And at the 2019 Golden Globes, many of the night's winners took the chance to thank their dear moms and dads during their acceptance speeches, paying tribute to the sacrifices and unconditional love they've given their kids from day one in front of an audience of millions. 


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The touching—and rather rare—gesture from these actors and actresses didn't go by unnoticed; the Internet was quick to pick up on their adorable shoutouts, with some netizens even being moved to tears by the sheer sweetness of the moments caught on camera. 

Check out what the likes of Sandra Oh, Darren Criss, Michael Douglas, and Glenn Close said to their awesome parents during the glitzy star-studded ceremony!



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Sandra Oh

She made history by becoming the first Asian to co-host the Golden Globes, the first Asian nominee to bag a major Golden Globe award in almost 40 years (she ended the night with the Best Actress in a Drama Series award for Killing Eve), the first Asian actress to win multiple Golden Globes and one of the very few to win an award during the same ceremony they presided over. 

It was, overall, a bang of an evening for this Korean-Canadian talent, but what truly made the event extra special was what went down when she took the stage to accept her reward. 


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Sandra went on to say her usual thank yous, but saved the best for last. She addressed her parents—immigrants who moved to the US in the 1960s—in the audience, first saying "There are two people here tonight that I'm so grateful they're here for me," in English, and in Korean, followed up with, "Eomma, appa, saranghae," which translates to, "Mom, dad, I love you." 

She then offered a slight bow towards their direction onstage as the camera panned over to her dad, businessman Joon-Soo Oh, and mom, biochemist Young Nam-Oh, to capture the most heartwarming reaction ever. 





Darren Criss

Here's a story that made every Filipino mom tear up. 

Darren Criss, the son of a Filipina from Cebu, credited his mom onstage when he received the award for Best Actor for his work in American Crime Story's take on the assassination of fashion designer Gianni Versace. He said she was "hugely responsible" for most of the good things that had happened in his life, then proceeded to dedicate the award he was holding to her. 


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Glenn Close 

Many still remember Oprah's electrifying speech at last year's Golden Globes that focused on the #MeToo movement, and this year, veteran Hollywood star Glenn Close continues the same sentiment with her own rousing acceptance speech for her Best Actress In a Motion Picture award (for The Wife) that was all about women empowerment.

And of course, about her mom, too. 

She spoke about memories of her mother who inspired her to reach for the stars with her own life; as a woman who dedicated her life to Glenn's father and nothing more, this portrait of a life motivated Glenn to be more and fulfill her mother's own wishes of accomplishing more with her own career. 


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Michael Douglas 

His father is 102 years old and is considered to be one of the last living stars of Hollywood's golden age. 

A filmmaker and actor himself, this father was made proud by Michael Douglas who got onstage to accept his award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy TV Series (for The Kominsky Method). His son dedicated the award to his father who, despite his age, was certainly still appreciative of the gesture. 

It was lovely to see that despite the heights this phenomenal actor has reached, he still considers dad as his hero!


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Richard Madden

He thought it was a joke when his father egged him on to write an acceptance speech when he assumed that he would win the award for Best Actor in a Drama TV Series (for the Bodyguard). But win he did, and Richard not only thanked his dad (and mom) off stage for the brilliant suggestion that became a self-fulfilling prophecy, but onstage too, as his parents flew all the way from Scotland to the US to be there for their son. 

Distance means nothing when it comes to parents being there for their kids on the most special occasions of their lives!


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