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The Way The Gonzaga Sisters Handle Criticism Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


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Like many celebrities, the Gonzaga sisters get bashed about different things—from their physical appearance to the way they act, sing or host. But with their sense of humor, they sure know how to shrug and laugh off criticism. The years they spent in showbiz have somehow made them immune to negative feedback, while graciously accepting constructive criticism to help them improve in various aspects of their careers and lives in general.

In her latest vlog, titled “Harsh Comments by Alex Gonzaga,” Alex was joined by her ate Toni in reacting on the some of the meanest, harshest comments thrown their way over the years. In the 12-minute video, the multi-talented “sissums” can be seen having a good laugh despite the mean things people say about them.


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One of the netizens said that he hates Alex, to which Toni says: “Do not use ‘hate.’ The world has so much hate already, let’s love.” Another commenter said that she doesn’t like Alex’s style of hosting; Toni was quick to give credit to her sister, saying, “Honestly, mas mabilis ang utak ni Alex sa’kin, mas witty s’ya. And mas nakakatawa s’ya.”

Alex, on the other hand, also defended Toni when a netizen said that she is snob. She says, “Ang ate ko ang isa sa pinakamabuti ang puso. Ang ate ko ay introvert lamang.”


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The video quickly trended on YouTube, and is currently sitting on the no. 1 spot with more than 2 million views.  

Alex’s YouTube channel, Ms Alex Gonzaga, recently celebrated its first anniversary, and she will be holding a celebration for this on August 11, 5PM, at the UP Town Center. Her vlogs about her travels, pieces of advice, makeup tutorials, and home and closet tours are all funny, witty and highly entertaining, and they always reach more than 1 million views. To date, her vlog on her two-day Boracay trip has the most number of views at more than 4 million.


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Aside from Toni, her mommy Pinty, and daddy Bonoy, her nephew Seve, who has almost 800,000 followers on Instagram, also makes cameo appearances on Alex's vlog. Recently, the Gonzaga sisters were launched as the endorsers of Nature's Spring Distilled Drinking Water, and Seve joined the brand's "Spring of Love" TVC that was directed by his dad, Paul Soriano. 


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Seve, who was born on September 30, 2016, is almost two years old, and Toni is happy to see all her toddler’s development. “Seve is in the phase of ‘terrific two,’ and I do not call it terrible two at all. He is so active. He likes to run around and jump and all that. He can’t stay in one place because he is starting to discover his motor skills, as he is learning that he can explore the world,” she shares. Alex adds, “Seve would always get a bottle of Nature’s Spring from our ref because he could already. He would always say, ‘Open.’”




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Having a nephew is an eye opener and sort of training for motherhood for Alex. “As Seve’s tita, I’ve seen my sister as a very doting and overprotective mother. I can feel her spring of love for Seve, and that love also flows to me. I’ve learned that having your pamangkin gives you a glimpse of how it is like to be a mother. I see Seve as my child too. I love him so much,” Alex says.

“Seve is the only baby in the family, so when I look after him, I always make sure I oversee what he eats or drinks and that they’re safe. When Seve came into our lives, we’ve found a new kind of happiness. Seve is really a bundle of joy. He is very lovable and charming. We want the best for our baby.”—With interviews by Marane A. Plaza


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