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Goodbye To Cancer, Hello To Love: New Couple Alodia Gosiengfiao And Wil Dasovich Fall In Love During A Time Of Sickness

Valentine's Day might be over, but for Alodia and Wil, romance for them has just begun.

Amidst all the rumors that have been buzzing around the social media stars for months, they've finally come clean and told the world that they're officially together.



The online sensations couldn't have made the announcement of their not-so-secret secret relationship more fitting. On Valentine's Day, the former Pinoy Big Brother contestant released a vlog on his YouTube channel titled, "The Truth About My 'Fake Relationship.''' It came months after Nico Bolzico called them a "new official couple" on Instagram, raising the alarm for their thousands of fans.



The 16-minute long clip features him and Alodia hanging out in a familiar setting, the couple talking about their off-screen lives, who they are as day-to-day people, and what having each other means to them. Patient fans who chose to watch the entire video rather than skip to the very end were treated to the build-up of the climax of Wil's Valentine's special: "So yeah, she's my girlfriend. Secret's out. We're official!" he exclaimed with obvious excitement while locking Alodia in a tight hug and planting a quick smooch on her nose.



The new couple met in April 2017 at the airport. Despite only knowing each other through common friends in the industry, the two reportedly hit it off, immediately taking to each other and becoming close friends.

After traveling together, accompanying each other to events, appearing in each other's videos, and mutually supporting their individual projects, what really cemented their relationship was Wil's big health scare that he recently recovered from.



The 26-year-old was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in August 2017 and stayed in San Francisco, where he grew up, to undergo chemotherapy. Alodia flew in a month later and stayed with Wil's family to help get him through the ordeal. Many of their posts show her accompanying him on hospital visits and in his hospital room, the two sharing many tender moments together.

Just last month, Wil completed his ninth chemotherapy cycle and declared himself cancer-free. It comes to no surprise then, that the couple chose this time to tell the world they had found love in each other.



Cosplay icon Alodia interjected a few times during Wil's sweet YouTube profession of his love, but what their followers and "shippers" really wanted to hear were Alodia's own words for Wil. The anime fanatic and gaming expert known to be extremely introverted and shy broke her silence when she, too, posted a video she called "My Deepest Confession" that expressed her feelings for her new beau.



Five minutes were all it took for Alodia to empty her heart's contents and share them with the public. The montage that sews together clips from the couple's time together in the past months is accompanied by Alodia's heartfelt narration of Wil's impact on her life. For almost six minutes, she details how he taught her to live, showed her what it was like to be human, and how he would always have her support, and ultimately, her heart.

"I love you," she ends the video in an almost inaudible whisper.



As highlighted by Wil, this declaration was made even more special by the fact that Alodia rarely appears online, or even in real life, as her actual self. The 29-year-old has admitted to finding comfort in her elaborate makeup and many costumes, and displaying her honest thoughts and raw emotions is uncharacteristic of her. But when it comes to Wil, and thanks to Wil, Alodia has become more outgoing and affectionate—overall, what she calls a better version of herself.

What's better than when two people in love bring out the best in each other? Not a lot.

Congratulations, Wil and Alodia!