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This Is How Gretchen Barretto Is Using Her Social Media Influence For Her Charitable Pursuits

A lot have been said about the influence of social media to people nowadays, like how it makes us want to strive for perfection and seek validation. But no one can argue how much social media can also contribute to spreading positivity and creating a positive impact in a society.  

It’s great to know that celebrities the world over have also maximized this technological advancement to champion their respective advocacies. A little effort goes a long way, and in social media, one Facebook status, Instagram post, or Tweet can make a big difference. After all, it’s the everyday acts of kindness that make the world a better place.



An active social media user, actress Gretchen Barretto recently thought of using Instagram as a platform for her charitable pursuit. 

On March 31, the actress took to Instagram to post an announcement about a charity event through IG live. All she asked was for her followers to send in their stories and await their live segment at 8PM the next day. She and her friends selected interesting stories and granted the requests or wishes of a few of Gretchen's followers.



Pls continue to send your requests to @pattympineda we will keep on reading!

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More than a thousand people joined Gretchen’s IG live charity event. With the help of her friends Patty Pineda, Mimi Que, Dennis Santos, Bettina Aspillaga, Vicky Garcia, and Lorna Vingson, they selected 16 grantees whose requests ranged from dialysis treatments, Bonamilk for babies, nebulizer and dinosaur toys, to It's Showtime tickets.

It's interesting how during the livestream, people's wishes were not for themselves, but for others who are in need. One example is a follower from Davao who sent a photo of a mais vendor and asked Gretchen and her friends to help and sponsor a pedicab for him. 





@dangmaulingan is granted a wheelchair for her papa ?? Grant #1 out of 15.

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Now, for those who missed this, this isn’t the last time Gretchen is doing this. “Every now and then, we’ll make surprises,” she says, quickly sharing an update about the details of their next IG live charity event. Watch out for more details on this meaningful endeavor! 


Photo from @dominique