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Feuding Sisters No More! Claudine Barretto Surprises Gretchen On Her 49th Birthday!

Is it safe to assume that sisters Claudine and Gretchen Barretto have moved on and made up? We hope so!

The good news came on a special occasion that made the day's festivities much, much brighter. 



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As the story goes, Gretchen was in her home with a close knit circle of friends enjoying her 49th birthday, wine glasses in hand and taking lots of photos, when another visitor arrived. And no, the visitor wasn't uninvited, but rather, very warmly received and brought a huge smile to the celebrator's face!


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It turned out to be Gretchen's little sister, Claudine, who showed up at the gathering with two balloon bouquets from her kids Sabina at Santino, and even better, a big hug for her ate. 



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While a cute visit from a family member is a welcome surprise for any birthday, Claudine's arrival was extra special for a specific reason; the sisters were once known to be an infamously feuding pair, often with highly publicized arguments that put a strain on their family's relationships. 


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Their longtime fans will remember their conflict reaching its peak in 2013. In 2015, they reportedly cut ties altogether, refusing to acknowledge the other in person, and on social media.

It was truly a painful downward spiral to witness, but six years later, the sisters themselves are glad to be the bearers of good tidings as they appear to have bridged past rifts—hopefully permanently, this time around. 



She thought i was not going to see her on her birthday.i ended up not going home.i missed u @gretchenbarretto i missed u @mimiyque had a blast with u @priaskitchen @pattympineda thanks @oegtoysandpartysupplies for the biglaang orders ko.luv u all????????????????????@gretchenbarretto

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Sharing the exact moment when Gretchen realized her sister had made it to her party, Claudine posted a heartwarming caption on Instagram to go with the clip: "She thought i was not going to see her on her birthday.i ended up not going home.i missed u @gretchenbarretto," Claudine wrote in part. 


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The brief video shows Gretchen's other guests—Pria Chiongbian Solon, Rowena Go, Natalie Miranda, Dennis Santos, Patty Pineda, Mimi Que, and others—also taking their own videos of the tender moment, cheering and clapping as the sisters shared a warm embrace. 



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And in a series of Instagram stories posted by the birthday girl, audio of a snippet of the sisters' conversation was captured. 

Gretchen said, "I thought you won’t be coming?”

And Claudine responded, “Not for anything.”


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The memorable birthday appearance confirms rumors that the sisters have been trying to mend their relationship. In early February, Gretchen was spotted with Claudine and her kids at dinner, giving rise to speculation that they were doing much better. 



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Other posts from the private get-together showed Gretchen enjoying other surprises that included lots of sweet treats, a simple table spread, and great company to round off the evening. 


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We couldn't think of a better way for Gretchen to spend such a special time of the year. 

Happy birthday!


Photos from @mimiyque @priaskitchen