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Gretchen Ho Shares Her Secrets To Becoming the Ultimate Woman In Action

The multi-faceted Gretchen Ho is every inch fit for the title of "woman in action." The TV host-athlete is always on the go, even admitting she starts her day as early as 3am! With the things she has to juggle on a daily basis–hosting duties, attending events, working out, traveling for work–she’s easily one of those people you’d aspire to be.


Gretchen Ho, Claire Ericta and Christine David


Gretchen represents that strong, empowered Filipina. The 27-year-old is brimming with positivity and determination that help her face her everyday. Even though she shares that she wasn’t Ms. Sunshine in the past, she put in hard work to create change–the change that she needed to make for herself–ultimately resulting to a better disposition in life.


Nill Arroyo, Jessica Bodo, Paolo Hilario, Gretchen Ho, Claire Ericta, Christine David, Dale Alejandro and Raghu Krishnan


If you’re thinking, “How does she do it all?” Here are the answers! During an intimate talk with Gretchen at the recent Carefree event, she shares her secrets in making Woman in Action happen–you could be just like her, too!

1. She knows her priorities. With a morning show five days a week, plus all those out-of-town traveling she’s got to do for work, Gretchen understands the importance of her health. It's her top priority so she makes sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy, and work out regularly.

2. She’s always prepared. Apart from getting ready for all her spiels, she’s also an on-the-go girl. The Umagang Kay Ganda host has a kit of her essentials ready with her at all times, so she’s confident that no matter where she goes, she’s got everything she needs. 

3. She’s an optimist. When asked what she would tell her 18-year-old self, Gretchen’s straightforward reply is, “Inner beauty manifests.” Back in her college days, she used to have a negative perception about herself. “But I realized it affected me so much as a person. So when I graduated, I told myself, I have to turn it around!” And that she did. Since then, she would look in front of the mirror every morning and tell herself she’s beautiful, inside and out. And when you feel this way, she attests, it will show.