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Heart Evangelista’s Pregnancy Journey: Who Found Out First, What Her Food Cravings Are, And Why She Chooses To Wear Heels

In a little black form-fitting dress, Heart Evangelista-Escudero captioned an Instagram photo showing off her baby bump with a short and simple phrase: "[It's] just the beginning."

And true enough, for the 33-year-old actress, it is the start of a long but beautiful journey called motherhood. After breaking the joyful news of her pregnancy on Mother's Day eve, and eventually opening up about how she lost one of her twins a few days later, the mother-to-be remains strong and hopeful.



Just the beginning...#MommyhoodDiaries ??

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In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style during the shopping party of British shoe brand Kurt Geiger, the Metro Most Stylish woman and social media influencer shared everything about her pregnancy journey—from her food cravings, to her support team, to her wardrobe of choice. (Speaking of wardrobe, we also wrote about Heart's chic baby bag of choice here.)

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Heart with celebrity stylist Kat Cruz-Villanueva at Kurt Geiger's exclusive shopping party


1. How’s your motherhood journey going?

It’s really good. I feel really good. A lot of people are telling me that I’m lucky because I kind of went through the nauseated phase without really vomiting. So now it’s just smooth. I’m really enjoying it.


2. How are you preparing for motherhood?

It’s nice because I have a lot of friends who are really happy that I’m pregnant. I haven’t really shopped yet, but I’ve already bought a baby bag and a pair of onesies. But [for] everything else, people have been sending me gifts, so my husband was telling me not to shop too much because sayang 'yung gifts—but I will shop soon!

I still have to find out the sex of the baby, but I’m already fixing the room. There’s a renovation going on in the house. It’s so exciting!


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Heart Evangelista with her dog, Panda. Could this be the baby's new room?

Photo from @iamhearte's Instagram Stories



3. Who were the first people who found out that you were pregnant?

I told Chiz first, and then I called Mark [Bumgarner] and Kat [Cruz-Villanueva], who were so happy for me. They even said, “See? Good thing you bought the [baby] bag”! I told Lovi [Poe] after.


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4. Do you have any weird cravings?

Mayonnaise and ensaymada! I actually lost so much weight because I’m super duper picky with my food now. I don't know why. I look for certain things so it’s kinda hard. Sometimes it’s super random like Jollibee burger steak!


5. You’re known for wearing gorgeous heels all the time. Is this safe for your pregnancy?

I actually get back pains whenever I wear flats, because I am so used to wearing heels. Even when I wear rubber shoes, I still insert insoles in them because if I don't, my back starts to ache. 

My doctor was telling me that there is no scientific proof that [wearing heels] is bad for you, and because I’m so used to wearing heels, my doctor told me to just go with what I am used to—it’s like how women who regularly workout can still do so during their pregnancy. [If that’s what your body is used to], it’s okay to workout during your pregnancy, and it’s okay to wear heels. 


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6. What are your maternity tips for fellow first-time moms?

I don’t believe in the saying that you should be eating for two. You just have to eat what’s right and what’s healthy, and not overdo it. Doing so can also lead to high sugar and high blood.

If you’re craving something, have a little bit of it, but remember to eat healthy.

Lastly, don’t lose yourself. You don’t have to wear old baggy clothes, you can still wear some of your "normal clothes"! Nobody expects you to change your style, even with the heels part. Whatever you feel comfortable doing—as long as it’s good for you and for your baby— then go for it. Hopefully I could live by all my tips when [my bump] gets a little bit bigger.


7. Finally, what is the best style tip you learned from your mother?

Always stick to the classics. When you’re older, you wouldn’t want to look back at your pictures and think, “Oh my God, what was I wearing?” Keep it timeless.


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