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Here's How Daniel Matsunaga And Model Girlfriend Karolina Pisarek Make The Most Of Their Long-Distance Relationship

"If you love someone, that doesn't stop me."

These are the words of the 28-year-old Japanese-Brazilian model Daniel Matsunaga who's fallen in love with the stunning Karolina Pisarek, a 20-year-old Polish model who's based in the United States. He may be away from his sweetheart, but to him, distance means nothing when your love can span continents and transcend time differences.



See you soonnnnnn my piekna??

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It's a tough situation to be in; while the other is asleep, you're wide awake, and when your other half is out the door ready to start the day ahead, you've just tucked yourself in bed. Seeing as this couple has been together since October 2017, they've managed to find the sweet spot in their intercontinental romance that other long-distance relationships can learn from.



They've been apart for the most part, but Karolina has visited Daniel numerous times in the past months and has even met his parents. Being a good host to his Eastern European love, he’s brought her around Manila’s urban sites, but her favorite spots in the Philippines are the pristine beaches of Palawan where they can be free from pressures of being in the spotlight.





My paradise ????

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The couple's most recent reunion was this month in time for love month; it was Daniel's turn to hop on the plane, this time, visiting Karolina in her home base of Poland.

On Instagram, the couple documented their snowy trip to Zakopane, a popular winter and ski destination in the country. Covered up in full winter gear, the couple was obviously toasty and warm in each other's company despite their icy surroundings.

They skied, enjoyed horse-drawn carriage tours of the city, explored on foot, had quiet family dinners at home, tried out winter sports for the first time, and even made snow angels side by side. 



With my #soulmate best friend ?? I love u! @dandanmatsunaga

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#Love, #bestfriends and #fun. That’s the best mix. I love u forever @dandanmatsunaga ??

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The photos and videos posted on the couple's social media accounts were a real treat for their followers as they've been very private about their relationship since they first started dating. Emphasizing that he's learned to limit what he reveals about his personal life, Daniel has shared that he's enjoying keeping a big chunk of his romantic life to himself.




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Becoming a better boyfriend after moving on from past relationships, Daniel is focusing on being a supportive presence in Karolina’s life rather than keeping up with public’s demands to know what goes on behind closed doors. He says that it’s all in keeping with his newfound appreciation for recovering from the past, living in the present, and praying for the future. Seeing as Daniel has matured and is committed to making this relationship the best one he's ever had regardless of where he and his girlriend are in the world at any given moment, Karolina is indeed a blessed girl!



Karolina was the first-runner-up in America's Next Top Model Cycle 5, while Daniel rose to fame in Philippine entertainment as a star and host of popular Filipino TV shows and Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: All In. They met when Karolina was on a trip to the Philippines for an ad campaign and the rest, as they say, is history.