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Here's Why Cara Delevingne Didn't Attend Coachella This Year And Probably Never Will Again

She's onto something, and it's definitely worth learning more about.



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The actress and model who's usually spotted around the world, attending luxurious and fun-filled events of every kind, passed on the opportunity to get front row seats to Coachella, arguably the most popular and most-awaited music festival in the United States.

Every year, thousands of ordinary folks and A-listers alike flock to the Californian desert to see the show. There, headlining pop, rock, folk, and even R&B and indie acts gather in one venue filled with Insta-worthy sights. Everyone gets dressed like they're from Woodstock, and even the food and drinks are extra delightful to the eye. The springtime weather's always just right, the vibes are always only of the good kind. Who wouldn't want to go?



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Unfortunately, Cara did a little digging of her own and learned that Philip Anschutz, the Colorado billionaire who owns the company that runs Coachella, may be a character harboring a lot of secrets.

It came to light that the 77-year-old has been a financial supporter and backer of several of America's conservative groups, some of which reportedly have pro-gun and anti-LGBT rights agendas—a far cry from the spirit of inclusion and "love for all" theme that Coachella is known for.



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In light of the recent issues the United States has had to address concerning gun violence and discrimination, the outspoken Cara made it clear that she would not be paying for events or supporting the ventures of individuals with ties to such causes.

A hashtag was even born out of the Coachella boycott that she and others support: #Nochella.






Many were surprised to read about this piece of news as Philip has virtually stayed under the radar for years. He's managed to escape questioning about this, and is only now piquing people's curiosity. He has so far denied allegations made against him and his businesses.

While Cara was just one celebrity who chose not to go, hundreds of famous faces still made their way to (or performed at) the concert. Beyoncé, whose stellar performance wowed her legion of fans from around the globe, was even one of Cara's favorites; she praised her on her Instagram Stories, but had to defend that her admiration for Beyoncé had nothing to do with her views of Coachella as a whole.




Now, the question is, will it still be the same next year? Will Philip and Coachella remain unscathed, or will this change things for the festival that's been around since the 90s?

We'll have to wait and see!


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