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Hold On, Did Harry Styles Just Unofficially Come Out As Bisexual?

Fans are convinced.



Harry, one of the most popular members of now-broken up boy group One Direction, has been flying solo and soaring high since he dropped his first solo record in May last year. The self-titled album features 10 tracks whose sounds diverge from 1D's sugar pop finish. But this time, it seems that the singer might be experimenting with something else besides rhythm and melody.

As he opened the European leg of his promotional tour with a concert in Basel, Switzerland, the 24-year-old gifted his squealing fans with something very, very special.

First, he explained that he would perform two songs that he wrote months ago when he was working on his album in the studio live for the very first time that night. Second, he performed the first of these secret tunes, "Anna," a poppy song about a girl he once fancied but never pursued.



Third, he belted out moody hit "Medicine," and a few lines in, sang the lyrics, "The boys and the girls are here / I mess around with them / And I'm okay with it / I'm coming down / I figured out I kinda like it / And when I sleep I'm gonna dream of how you tasted."

His audience went silent and screamed in a frenzy all at the same time.

Harry Styles may have just come out as a bisexual man in the most poetic way imagined, and within minutes, the Internet was on fire with fans expressing their own versions of congratulatory messages and all sorts of claims that he had left a cookie crumb trail leading up to this moment for years. Some of them have gone as far as calling "Medicine" the times' best bi anthem. 















To prove a point, fans have observed that Harry has (subtly) led everyone to believe he was never strictly hetero: 

  • For instance, in an article published by The Sun last year, an interviewer asked Harry if he ever felt the need to label or define his sexuality (perhaps in an attempt to put rumors to rest), to which the popstar replied, "No, I’ve never felt the need to really. No. I don’t feel like it’s something I’ve ever felt like I have to explain about myself.”


  • He is known to be a vocal supporter of LGBTQ advocacies and often incorporates rainbow flags (the international symbol of gay or LGBTQ pride) and rainbow lights in his concerts. 


  • Harry "jokingly" locked lips with James Corden, the comedic genius behind the carpool karaoke series, on one of his episodes. 





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Paris, October.

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Fans are generally happy about Harry's "coming out," but agree that no matter which directions he chooses to swing (whether it's one direction, or two), they'll be there to support him all the way. All they demand of him right now is to release studio versions of "Anna" and "Medicine," for them to be able to hear the songs the way they were meant to be heard!