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Home For The Holidays: Solenn Heussaff Shares What She's Looking Forward To This Christmas

Christmas is a time that’s met with great anticipation and joy for most Filipinos. But modern Renaissance woman Solenn Heussaff reveals laughing, “I really don’t like the holidays, because it’s a lot of stress!” 

On top of the regular “madness” of last-minute Christmas shopping and the overcrowded malls, she has to deal with a hectic work schedule, which, for this year, may have her working up until New Year’s Day.


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So this Christmas, with the few days she’s been given to celebrate the holidays, she’s keeping it chill, relaxing at home and hoping to paint a few more pieces for her upcoming exhibit.

While she’s not the type to dive into the Christmas spirit, she does have fond memories that help her remember the joy of the season.

Her favorite memory of recent was spending the holidays with her family in Canada, where the first fall of snow had her feeling giddy like a child again. In the chilly north, they as a family went snowboarding, lit up the fireplace, and wined and dined together. She shares, “It was just super simple and I loved that. Now, it’s more difficult to schedule a vacation together, because we’re all so busy and have different schedules.”

With a hint of sadness, she adds, "I think it’s going to get more and more complicated in the coming years, as we have our own families. I miss them, but I’m not that emo naman; that’s part of life.”


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In the Heussaff household, the typical Christmas celebration entails a dinner on the 24th, with the feast prepared by no less than her celebrity foodie and restaurateur brother Erwan. “We’re very chill. We just give gifts to our nephew and nieces, and everything else is cash donations to charity. I guess, the older you get, the less you need,” she smiles.

This Christmas, Solenn shares that she’s spending the holidays alone as her husband, Nico Bolzico, will be heading to Argentina. Sadly, she can’t join him because of work. She may be without her better half, but she’s sure to have some company over.

“For me, the perfect Christmas Day would just be hanging out with friends and family—with no gadgets allowed!” she exclaims. “The focus should really be on connecting and catching up with each other. “


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Today, she’s more excited to host holiday parties at home as the couple recently moved into their new residence last July. “But I don’t like hosting big parties; I like to keep the group small, to a modest six people, or else it just gets too overwhelming for me!” she laughs. “Plus, since we don’t have help, I have to do all the cleaning!”

By keeping company to a manageable number, she shares, “It’s easier to connect and talk to everyone. You don’t have to feel rushed or pressured. So, I’d rather have several dinners of smaller batches.”  

And what makes the holiday dinners in the Heussaff-Bolzico household truly special? “Well, I don’t do themes! So there’s no need to dress up. Come as you are and just enjoy the good food and wine.”

Plus, the entire night is meticulously planned by Solenn who takes charge of everything—from the menu, to grocery shopping, cooking, table setting and even plating. “I take great pride in overseeing all the details,” she smiles broadly.




With Christmas just around the corner, Solenn reflects on the year that was and shares her wish for this coming 2019: “I guess, I just want to work on being a little bit more positive.

“I felt like the past year, I had been working so much—five to seven days a week—which caused stress and made me panic many times,” she laughs. “It wasn’t depression naman, but I didn’t feel like a 100 percent [me].

“Maybe my [New Year’s Resolution] should be to learn how to appreciate and enjoy the quiet moments more,” she reveals. “Instead of taking those moments and panicking, I should focus on becoming more chill and patient. I’m thankful for everything that I have, and sometimes I just have to remind myself of that.”


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