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Reunited! IU And Yeo Jin-Goo Return Onscreen Together For A Surprise Paragliding Adventure

The "Hotel del Luna" co-stars—and their sky-high hang out—are set to appear on the next episode of Korean variety show "House on Wheels"

Ordinary folks go for brunch, have extended merienda, schedule after-work wine nights, or head over to their favorite bars (or these days, join a Zoom conference) if they want to catch up.

But Korean celebrities IU (Lee Ji-eun) and Yeo Jin-goo are not ordinary people, and neither are their careers; they're two of Korea's top-billed Hallyu stars riding the tails of success of their recent hit K-Drama Hotel Del LunaAside from her work on TV, IU is also a huge K-Pop star whereas Yeo Jin-goo's resume is a deep bench boasting of at least a dozen film credits and over 20 TV series entries. 

Both of them have millions of followers on their Instagram accounts with countless fan accounts from all over the world to pay tribute to them, showing just how wide their reach is. 

Now the question to ask is, what would IU and Yeo Jin-goo do on a catch up sesh? 

Go paragliding, of course.

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Or at least, agree to go paragliding and have a TV crew film the experience!

That's exactly what happened just days ago when IU and  Yeo Jin-goo finally got to meet up again after quite some time. Since Hotel del Luna's conclusion and with COVID-19-related restrictions put in place soon after, the co-stars have seen very little of each other but when they did, they sure made up for lost time.

As the story goes,  Yeo Jin-goo was wrapping up a taped session with Korean variety show House on Wheels, of which he is a regular cast member and which is exactly what it sounds.

Along with its hosts, celebrity guests are invited to travel to different location on a literal house on wheels often with a companion of their choice, and during the show, they answer silly questions, participate in all sorts of activities, and ultimately have a grand old time.

Now before "cut" was yelled on set, Yeo Jin-goo's co-hosts had one last, but very big, surprise for him. 

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The television set in the portable house switched on, revealing a beaming IU onscreen saying hello to her real-life buddy.

Thinking the surprise ended there, Yeo Jin-goo was in shock when he was told that they not only got IU to give him a shout-out, but that she would be also on the show's episode, which was an extremely difficult thing to accomplish according to the show's hosts given IU's impenetrable schedule. 

She wouldn't only be on the show with him, however—they would be paragliding together!

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[Soompi] IU And Yeo Jin Goo Reunite For Unforgettable Adventure In “House On Wheels” Preview - by J. K The tvN variety show “House on Wheels” has shared an exciting teaser of next week’s episode, featuring much-anticipated guest IU! The program includes cast members Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won, and Yeo Jin Goo traveling around Korea in a portable home and bringing along people who are special to them, such as friends or family. IU will be joining the cast for the next episode and reuniting with her “Hotel Del Luna” co-star Yeo Jin Goo as well as her “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” co-star Sung Dong Il. At the end of the July 16 episode of the show, a preview first shows Sung Dong Il teasing Yeo Jin Goo by saying, “The guest who’s coming today was once your ‘lover.'” He adds, “She’s someone who’s very hard to get on a show.” After IU arrives, the guys joke over voiceover about how Yeo Jin Goo seems nervous. While Yeo Jin Goo is preparing something inside the home, IU watches him through the open window. “I get nervous if you watch me!” he says to her with a laugh, and she laughs back. The pair then are getting ready to go paragliding. IU says with a smile, “I didn’t even imagine this would happen,” and Yeo Jin Goo says, “Me neither! I had no idea we’d go paragliding. IU screams in excitement as she soars into the air while paragliding, and she and Yeo Jin Goo call out to each other. Later on, the cast sits together at night outside the portable home. “I had no idea I’d ever experience this kind of day,” says IU. Yeo Jin Goo responds, “I’ll never forget it” and IU agrees that she’ll truly never forget it. “House on Wheels” airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. KST. #iu_houseonwheels #houseonwheels #yeojingoo

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Neither of them knew what was coming their way that day; while IU was in on the surprise for Yeo Jin-goo, she had no clue that the show planned on having them glide through the air as their first official onscreen reunion! 

Watching the episode's teaser trailer, both IU and Yeo Jin-goo appeared to have enjoyed the thrilling experience, both saying that it was a day that they would never forget. It was certainly different from how they bonded over their days on set, making it all the more memorable and special. 

IU was particularly happy to be spending time with not one, but two of her former co-stars. Actor Sung Dong-il, her Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo co-star, was also invited to star in the same episode. 

IU and Yeo Jin-goo's episode is set to air next week on July 23, Thursday. 

Watch the episode's full teaser below!

This sweet paragliding reunion reminds us of a Crash Landing on You scene with Capt. Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin) and Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin):

Which oppa do you want to go paragliding with?

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