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Inigo Pascual Releases His Latest Single With Singaporean R&B Artist Akasha

This milestone comes after he launched his first international solo single, “Options,” produced by LA-based instrumentalist Bernard “HARV” Harvey. The young artist is world-class!

Inigo Pascual just keeps getting better and better. Once again, he proves himself as one of the rising international artists of the younger generation today

inigo pascual releases his latest single with a si 0

His latest song titled "Adios," produced by Star Music, is an upbeat track that he recorded with Singaporean hip-hop artist Akasha. This single is about breaking up, highlighting the turning point of a toxic relationship. This track showcases Inigo's familiar pop sound and Akasha's fresh and relaxed rapping skills.

inigo pascual releases his latest single with a si 1

inigo pascual releases his latest single with a si 2

Akasha is a Singaporean rising star who's currently studying at the Academy of Rock. "They gave me an opportunity to grow and  trained me to be the person I am today," she shares. When asked about her name, she explains, "Akasha is not my real name but I found out that 'Akasha' means 'tree of life' which was great. I'm kind of introverted sometimes but it reminds me to live beyond my limits."

The duo looked effortlessly cool in the music video directed by Benedict Mariategue. The song was originally sang in mandarin by The Zadon but was translated by Star Music audio content head Jonathan Manalo.

As one of the most sought-after artists in the music industry today, Inigo continues to push the envelope, sharing, "Being the son of Piolo Pascual comes with a lot of expectations. Masaya ako na I don't have to compete with my dad or anyone but rather be passionate about what I do—my music. My main goal is to share my music, [because] music ang priority ko.”

When asked about the challenges he encountered along his journey in the industry so far, he says, “Language barrier was a challenge so singing in English is a must. But it is also good to insert Tagalog songs because you will never know what people would enjoy unless you try.” He then recalls one of his international performances in Hawaii in which he sang one of his Tagalog songs: “Surprisingly, the Samoans enjoyed it!” He believes that the most important thing about performing is that you are able to communicate and deliver your song well despite the language barrier.

As he continues to travel across the globe to perform in different countries, he looks forward to recording more songs and collaborating with international artists now that the Asian type of music is taking over the global music scene.

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