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Inigo Pascual Takes Over The International Music Scene With A New Song!

Inigo Pascual continues to soar heights as he returns with new music—not just any track, but his first internationally-produced single, "Options." Produced by LA-based instrumentalist Bernard “HARV” Harvey, the song is set to be the title track of his LP with target release in late 2019.


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Last June 27, the young artist returned to the Philippines after his brief stay in the US to promote the said track. During the launch, Inigo shared his experience recording abroad, the things he’s learned from working with world-renowned producers, and the brand of music he wants to be known for now that he’s slowly dipping his toes in the international music scene.


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Inigo admits it’s nerve-wracking to work with producers who have collaborated with the likes of Justin Bieber and Eminem. The fact that everything needs to be fast—a process Inigo tries to cope with—also puts a bit of pressure on the young artist. But overall, it’s an inspiring and exciting experience that helped him flesh out his creative ideas more. One technique he’s established? “Whenever I have something in mind, I immediately write it down or record on my phone para hindi mawala,” he says.

He spills more details about his upcoming international album. Apart from his recent collaborations with music producers HARV and songwriter Felisha "Fury" King, he plans to work with four foreign artists, hatching tracks with a Pinoy twist. “We’re thinking of creative ways on how to share Tagalog. We thought of a concept of an English song with bits and pieces of Tagalog, so it’s kind of incorporating that to our music and bringing it to the world stage,” Inigo describes.


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Asked what Filipino quality he wants to introduce abroad, he simply answered: Puso. Inigo believes that Filipinos' genuine love for music, no matter the genre, makes us stand out. 

Now that he's off to an exciting journey ahead the "Dahil Sa’yo" hitmaker dreams bigger and works harder for his goal. “'Yun ‘yung dadalhin ko sa journey na ‘to, to be someone who is even more motivated, more inspired, and even more thankful for the things that he has. And I’m gonna hold onto that promise,” Inigo ends.