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Is Michael Fassbender An Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Or A Wrongly Accused Actor? 

The Oscar-nominated Irishman is the latest Hollywood A-lister to be caught in the current of the #MeToo movement. Does this make him the next star to fall from grace, or is he a victim of a smear campaign? People seem to be divided.    



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Michael, who wed Tomb Raider actress Alicia Vikander in a private ceremony in October last year, is facing backlash from allegations of physical abuse filed by an old flame. The woman behind the claims of abuse is aspiring model and actress Sunawin “Leasi” Andrews who was said to be in a relationship with Michael from 2009 to 2010.  

The 44-year-old woman first made headlines in 2010 when she went to court to file a restraining order against Michael who, at the time, was enjoying his meteoric rise to fame, thanks to his role in blockbuster and now cult classic, Inglourious Basterds.

In handwritten testimonies submitted to court, the mother of two details two instances when Michael allegedly physically maltreated her and caused her grave injuries. 



She first describes one morning in July 2009 when Michael supposedly threw her over a chair in a fit of rage and resulted in her breaking her nose. The pair was checked into a hotel as Michael was being honored at an awards ceremony in Ischia, Italy, and she describes Michael as having been heavily intoxicated during their trip. 

Having gone back to their hotel room ahead of Michael, Sunawin reported that Michael and a friend tried to get in bed with her when they were both drunk. She checked into another room to avoid the two men, and went to wake Michael the morning after for one of his media events. She says she had found Michael sleeping in his own urine and was extremely enraged by being woken up, hence throwing her over a chair and injuring her.



Sunawin narrates a second instance in November 2009 when the couple was out for dinner with friends. A previous boyfriend approached their table to greet her, only to anger Michael who recklessly drove back to their Los Angeles home. Fearing for her safety and trying to calm Michael before entering their home where Sunawin's two children lay asleep, she stepped out of the passenger seat, walked over to the driver's side, and attempted to remove the keys from the ignition.

She claims that Michael put the car into drive, dragging her on the street for quite a distance, giving her a twisted ankle, busted knee cap, ruptured ovarian cyst, and causing internal bleeding. She adds that their friends had followed them back to their home and helped calm Michael moments after the incident.  



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According to legal documents, Sunawin sought medical attention for her injuries more than a week after the incident occurred. She also requested that Michael shoulder the hospitals bills that amounted to $24,000 and attend a 52-week course for individuals involved with physical abuse cases. On top of these demands was a temporary restraining order Sunawin filed against Michael that the judge granted, resulting in Michael moving out of their home.   

In April 2010, she reportedly withdrew her cases a day before a hearing was set to take place. It is unclear why she decided to do so.  

Some of Michael's fans immediately expressed disgust at the resurfacing of past events, saying that the Internet never forgets. Others vowed to never watch his films again or support any of his future projects.  



While no one can say that these instances, if true, can be easily forgiven and forgotten, Michael's supporters were quick to hit Sunawin back with their own findings. Their research reveals that she has displayed a pattern of behavior that suggests she may suffer from persecution complex, a psychological condition that leads one to irrationally believe that they are a constant target of ill-will and hostility of those around them.  

One piece of evidence used to support this was Sunawin's previous relationship with Seth Warshavsky, a heavyweight in the adult entertainment industry. She also filed a restraining order against him, claiming he had stalked her, threatened to kill her child's father, and choked her in a private limousine ride in front of her then six-year-old daughter. Similarly, Sunawin eventually dropped her cases against Seth for unknown reasons.  



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Others also brought to light Sunawin's past and alluded that she may not be so innocent herself. She was known to have had overlapping relationships with different men and an affair with a married man, two children fathered by different men, and a career that began with her posing in adult material depicting lesbians engaged in sexually explicit actions.  

Almost a decade after these events took place, Michael has never publicly commented—or been asked—about his previous relationship with Sunawin. She has also been unreachable for further comments, while Alicia has remained mum about the subject as well.  

The only people who have vocally opposed these accusations are Michael's parents. His mother Adele called her accusations complete fabrications, and his father Josef described his son as "the most gentle man you could ever meet." They also made sure to point out inconsistencies with Sunawin's stories, stating that Michael was away filming in the UK during the time she said he had abused her.  



What do you think? Does Michael indeed have a shady past that has finally caught up with him? Or is he a victim of a malicious attack disguised as another entry in the growing list of #MeToo stories?

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