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EXCLUSIVE: Isabelle Daza On Her Holiday Plans And Her Foolproof Gift Recommendations


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Even with their house still being completed, Isabelle Daza and husband Adrien Semblat love having guests over—even if she wants everyone to be out of their house by ten in the evening, as she posted in one of her past Instagram stories.

“The last party, I was kicking everyone out. Please leave already!” she jokingly says, laughing. “If we’re going to have a party for the holidays, it will definitely be in our house because it’s an easy location, and also I don’t want to leave my house on December—so scared of the traffic.”

The hostess serves healthy fare, and invites guests in the last minute. “We always prepare healthy food like turkey, salmon or fish, maybe some squash or kamote. Of course we’ll have pasta and bread, but nothing too heavy. Usually I’d invite six or eight people, then at the last minute, I’ll invite extra to the point there will be around 20 people. I think it’s because I feel bad that I should have invited this person and that, so in the end there’s always too many people, and the food is always ubos.”


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How to juggle Christmas commitments & spending time at home??????‍??

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With the holidays, there are more dinner parties for Belle and Adrien to throw and attend, and even if she, Adrien and Baltie are heading to France for the holiday season, Belle is hoping she won’t miss the barkada dinner. “We play games and do secret Santa where we do an insane exchange gift where we give really nice gifts and really sh*tty gifts. I don’t remember the worst gift I got, but the nicest gift I’ve received, I think, are those really expensive candles, or Aesop hand wash.”

Belle admits that gift giving is her favorite part about Christmas. “Halloween is actually my Christmas, but what I love about Christmas is that I get to give nice gifts out. I love giving gifts. Sometimes my husband’s like, ‘We don’t need to give a gift for every single person when there’s no occasion.’ But I’m like yeah, but I want to!” When asked about what would be the best foolproof gifts to give would be, she lists them down instantly: “Kleen Kanteen water bottle, a heavy duty power bank, a beautiful candle, yummy body wash, and dry shampoo!”



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