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Isabelle Daza's Emotional Speech On Mental Illness Proves She's Going To Be An Awesome Mommy Role Model

Pregnancy is tough and birth can be difficult, but motherhood is a whole new league of challenging on its own.



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Both parents find their lives forever changed when a child arrives; priorities shift, schedules are thrown into disarray, and unpredictable becomes the new standard for mom and dad.

But for mom, in particular, who carried her little baby boy or girl with her for nine months before their official introductions, child-rearing becomes an essential part of living, and most of who she is and what she does will be for the little one in her life. Mommies know that the responsibility of raising a chilld—physically, emotionally, and mentally—starts from day one and essentially never ends; moms simply adjust the kind of nurturing they give to their children as well as the knowledge passed down to them as they progress through different stages in their lives.




It's a demanding role that mommies deserve to be commended for, and for first-time mom Isabelle Daza, she's starting strong.

Not only has she been proud of the fact that she breastfeeds her months-old son Baltie (who made his social media debut of sorts yesterday, when Isabelle posted a photo showing his face for the first time), but she's also decided on setting a good example for him as early as now. He may be too little to speak his first words or read at the moment, but Isabelle's courage in speaking about social issues crucial to this generation and those that will follow will certainly be something he'll appreciate when he's old enough to understand. 



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In particular, this model and actress has chosen to be a vocal supporter of mental health awareness and the breaking down of its stigma. In a video she shared last week on her Instagram account, she's documented holding back tears during her talk about the impact of today's digitally-fueled lifestyle on individuals' mental and emotional health. 

As a social media influencer, she uses herself as an example, bravely sharing her fears on being forgotten in the industry. She delves into the difficulty of acknowledging feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression in relation to negative thought processes and self-talk but most importantly, she stresses the fact that no one struggling with mental illness of any sort should be shamed into silence. 


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She lends strength to those who need help, while encourages others to reach out to loved ones they know or suspect are going through a tough time. 

In the end, she stresses the importance of fostering good relationships and how they can be life-saving. This concluding thought proves to be an appropriate one, as the bond that starts betweeen a mother and child is where a child first learns to receive and give love—the basis for his and her future relationships and friendships. 

Isabelle's presentation was brief yet meaningful, and likely difficult to get through but rewarding in the end. All in all, we're extremely happy that she did it as it will hopefully spur necessary discussions on mental health. Best of all, we're sure that her little boy Baltie is proud of his mom, too!


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