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It's True! Sex And The City's Cynthia Nixon Is Running For New York Governor

It looks like Cynthia Nixon is taking her feisty Miranda Hobbes persona to the real world!



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The 51-year-old Emmy Award-winning actress confirmed this week that she is, in fact, seriously running for New York governor. She'll be challenging incumbent Andrew Cuomo during the September 13 Democratic preliminaries, and she's already released the first of what's sure to be a long string of campaign materials.

She took to Twitter to release a video announcing her candidacy and outlining the focal points of her campaign. The two-minute long video racked up close to two million reactions within hours of posting, and is receiving many positive reviews from those who've seen it.



Even her Sex and the City co-stars Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis have offered their support:





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Overall, Cynthia, an open social activist, is anchoring her campaign on being a true-blooded New York native who didn't know the meaning of privilege and comfort until she broke out as an actress in adulthood. To summarize her fighting points, she promises to address the following areas, among many others:


  • Public school funding: Cynthia was a public school graduate, and sends her son to public school as well. She believes in making quality education more affordable and accessible to all.
  • LGBTQ and women's rights: She has faced discrimination by being an openly bisexual woman married to another woman.
  • The NY subway: The subway, which thousands, perhaps millions, of other New Yorkers depend on is aging and becoming increasingly undependable. Cynthia takes the subway regularly, just like ordinary citizens.



  • Refusing corporate handouts: The political hopeful guarantess she will not be accepting corporate money that could compromise her campaign.
  • Closing the state's poverty gap: Cynthia grew up in an underserved community, and knows the realities and needs of families living in New York's impoverished neighborhoods.
  • Working to unseat leaders that are letting people down: She's a vocal anti-Trump.



She meant Richard, but I'll take it. #HearOurVote #PowerToThePolls #WomensMarchNYC

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The New York public seems to be taking Cynthia's decision to run relatively well, but political experts are a little wary, and for good reason: Cynthia has had no experience in elected office, and her foray into politics puts her in a position whose demands and responsibilities even seasoned politicians have struggled to meet.



Others have also pointed out the glaringly obvious: her decision to run echoes that of President Donald Trump's, the man who holds the United States' highest seat of power whose influence was formed with reality television show fame. Even with her growing support, there are still many who fear that Cynthia may simply be another, albeit milder, version of the current US President.



On subway on our way to the #WomensMarchNYC #HearOurVote #PowerToThePolls

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Cynthia's got a long way to go if she wants to win, considering that results from a Sienna College poll conducted before her official candidacy announcement showed that she was picked by 19% of voters, while Andrew was at 66% (among Democrats). She also faces formidable opposition from Andrew who is estimated to have $30 million worth of campaign funds, two terms of experience, and familial support (his father was New York governor for three terms) under his belt.

Cynthia is the second Hollywood A-lister to be associated with politics this year. She succeeds Oprah Winfrey who could be toying with the idea of running for president in the 2020 elections.


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