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EXCLUSIVE: Iza Calzado On Her Newlywed Life, Advocacies, And Current Passions

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When you’re an in-demand actress such as Iza Calzado, now Mrs. Ben Wintle, many would advise to keep on striking while the iron is hot. The logic behind it is that the opportunity does not knock twice, so you’ve got to keep working for as long as the projects are there.

But for Iza, given her acting prowess and inspiring personality, she doesn't have to worry about being forgotten by the public. She’s currently enjoying her time out of the small screen, and focusing on working on other projects, and most importantly, refocusing on herself.  


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“Let me regain my humanity!,” she exclaims, laughing, when asked when her fans will see her again on the small or big screen. “You lose it when you’re doing a show or a soap opera,” she says on a more serious note. “At that time, I was not just doing a soap, I was doing Mystified, and planning a wedding. People thought I was busy at that time because I had a wedding to plan, but it hardly took up my time—but no, it was really work.”

Her workdays ate into most of her time; she had been busy taping for the recently concluded teleserye Ngayon at Kailanman, and with that she also went straight to shooting iflix Philippines' first original movie Mystified, the highly anticipated reunion movie of Iza with her fellow actors and friends Diana Zubiri, Sunshine Dizon, and Karylle.


"Let me regain my humanity! You lose it when you're doing a show or a soap opera"


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Newlywed couple Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle with Iza's dear friends Karylle, Sunshine Dizon, and Diana Zubiri. | Photo from @missizacalzado


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Shooting lasted for a few weeks, but they were under a very strict timeline, and if it meant sacrificing sleep, the actresses weren’t new to doing so. Iza tells Metro.Style, “I was really coming from set to set, so it was a bit exhausting. But it was still fun—especially the fight scenes. Like when I was doing that, my realization was like, ‘Wow, I enjoy this!,' because I’m kind of working out while in the set. It’s quite fun. Honestly, when I did fight scenes before, I was not as strong, or I guess I’m more in control of my body. Now I know my body better and I’ve also trained more compared to my 2005 self—I’ve already clocked in my hours. It felt empowering of course, you know, at our age, we can still kick ass.”


"It felt empowering of course, you know, at our age, we can still kick ass”


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Now that the dust has settled, with Mystified about to stream via iflix and a few projects in the pipeline for Iza, she’s happy to be enjoying her newlywed status. “I’m going on a trip this Easter, but it’s not my honeymoon yet,” Iza shares. “Ben’s schedule is really tight, so yeah, as soon as the schedule permits, we’ll go somewhere we’ve never been to before, or at least have never explored properly.”

Her wedding to Ben was a mere few months ago, and she shrugs when asked if there are any differences in their relationship now that they’re married. “No, not really. But I think the secret to our relationship is that he’s been very patient with me," Iza says. "And there’s got to be communication, empathy, and understanding. And we don’t talk about money at night—that’s what the father in our wedding said. And we also have to be mindful of quality time, but give each other space to do what the other person wants to do.”


"The secret to our relationship is that he’s been very patient with me... and there's got to be communication, empathy, and understanding"


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And giving enough time for herself is definitely something that Iza is actively working on. When she gets the chance, she squeezes in as much me-time as possible. “I’ve been working out!,” Iza says. “Currently, I’m enjoying the combination of Zumba, then I go to Pilates the same day. I got to do a proper dance class too, after so long. It brings me more joy.”

When she’s not working out, working, or enjoying being a newlywed, she’s busy catching up with friends. “People keep inviting me for dinners and stuff, and I no longer have the excuse that I have work!,” Iza shares, laughing. “In my head, at least before I was earning every day because of work, now, tataba pa ako sa mga invite nang invite na kumain!”


"I've been working out... It brings me more joy"


Photo from @missizacalzado 


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A quick look at Iza’s social media and you would see that her days are indeed filled with dance classes and meet-ups, but it’s also her platform to speak about her advocacies. She’s glad that because of her current schedule, she can be more hands-on with the upcoming events with She Talks Asia, a platform that hopes to spark conversations and action in women all over the world. “We have a summit on March 16 titled ‘We are Enough,' so it’s always about different topics that we feel could be beneficial for women, or issues that concern women. We have a panel on negotiating your worth, on relationships, on mental health—a lot of speakers. It’s going to be great.”

If you miss seeing Iza on the small and big screen, good news—there are talks of her joining a movie by Star Cinema, and she’s hoping to get around to reading a script for a possible film for the Cinemalaya festival. While she may be enjoying her me-time right now, we can’t wait to see her back on the screen soon!


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