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James Reid Talks About Unleashing His Creativity Through Photography

For James Reid, it’s all about the bass art.

Fujifilm launched the newest addition to their mirrorless digital X-Series, the Fujifilm X-T100—and it’s the camera that every hobbyist photographer should be lining up for. It's also what James Reid could be seen with these days, using for his travels and everyday photography.



"There’s so much to love about this camera,” James shares during his Q&A at the X-T100 launch. “The features—the tilting LCD, the viewfinder. And it’s compact, it’s lightweight, you can bring it with you for your travels.”

“It’s our most affordable, entry-level camera with a viewfinder,” says Glenn Gatan, Fujifilm’s Senior Product Specialist. “There are consumers who are into photography and they want a viewfinder and that’s something that the former X-A5 and X-A3 don’t have. This one is when you want to eventually grow into photography. It’s very basic but you can improve and upgrade it. It’s something you can mature with in terms of your photography.”



In a previous interview with PushJames revealed that he only started with photography in 2015. He says he's really serious when it comes to learning about the technicalities of shooting. "Photography was just casual fun before. When I learned to use the camera, I learned that there’s rules. I’ve been researching how to use cameras and everything on photography. There’s rules when you take photos. But there’s also no rules. You can experiment and that’s the fun part, playing around. So really don’t be afraid to use manual mode and just have a look."



But learning photography shouldn't be too hard. In fact, James says that he prefers using easy-to-use cameras so he can focus on the creative side of the shooting. He says, “The best part about a camera is how easy it is to use. If a camera is easy to use, I can spend more time on the creative side of it. You can focus on the shot you want.”

James Reid has been with Fujifilm for two years now and Glenn says that he embodies the kind of lifestyle and passion at the heart of the Fujifilm brand. “It fits his personality talaga. It’s the joy of photography, creating art, the whole lifestyle to it—and James embodies that. He really enjoys taking photos, he really enjoys showing his art through social media. The idea of a nice and easy-to-use camera and that he’s able to share it to his fans and everyone, nagta-transcend ’yung passion and creativity niya from himself to his fans using the Fujifilm camera.”

James' Instagram itself is filled with beautiful shots. And his favorite subject, of course, is his girlfriend Nadine. 


James' IG photos of Nadine from @james


Check out these photographs from the event below: