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WATCH: Jane De Leon And Maxene Magalona Honor Their Late Dads For Father's Day This Year

Such heartwarming, tear-jerking tributes from these daughters!

What would their dads say if they were still around to see how much their daughters have grown? 

Jane de Leon, a budding artist who's been chosen to become the next Darna, and Maxene Magalona, an actress-turned-wellness and fitness coach, have both evolved in their own ways yet share one thing in common: they miss their dads and will forever miss them as life continues to take them to new places.

See, both dads of Jane and Maxene have passed away. Jane's father Ruel succumbed to lung cancer in 2016, whereas Maxene's "Pop" (aka "The King of Philippine Rap") Francis M bid farewell in 2009 after his battle with leukemia. 

The grief might have passed for both Jane and Maxene, but both their fathers will always have a place in their daughters' hearts left open just for them.

In remembrance of their dads on Father's Day 2020, both women spoke with Metro.Style about what they loved and admired most about them, plus all their all-time favorite memories of and with them.


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Here's what Jane had to say about her dad:

Metro.Style  cover girl Jane couldn't help but shed a few tears when she was asked to look back on the times her dad was still around. Though she admitted that he was incredibly strict, she said it always came from a place of love; her dad was a man who always put family first no matter what. 

"Makita ko lang kayong busog, busog na rin ako," she quoted him saying. 

Her only regret is being unable to return all that he had done for her before he took his last breath. She had simple wishes for him, like being able to treat him out on a mall date, a restaurant meal, and bigger dreams too such as being able to build her family a house and buy them a car.

But even though he's left this life to live the next, Jane says that she knows he's proud of her for everything she has accomplished so far. 


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On the other hand, Maxene took the time to portray her dad in a loving, cheerful way:

A funny person, a fighter, and everyone's friend—those are top three things Maxene says her dad was all about.

"Pop," as she calls him, definitely believed in the power of humor and laughter. Whether it was making his kids laugh at the dinner table or making sure people he worked with were always in a good mood, positivity was something he would exude regardless of context. This was true all the way up to the last minute and second of his life; he even called his battle with cancer his "happy battle," and named one of his albums exactly that.

It's impossible for Maxene to zero in on a memory or two of her dad, only that her car rides home after college classes that she spent alone with him were some of the best moments she ever had with him. The memories of quiet time and the dad-to-daughter talks will never fade.

As for the most important thing he's ever taught her? It's that no one is above others—everyone in this world is equal, and nothing can and should ever change that.

Photos from @imjanedeleon @maxenemagalona