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WATCH: Janella Salvador And Markus Paterson Share An Emotional Mini Film Documenting First-Time Parenthood

Janella and Markus are now parents to a baby boy—his name is Jude!

Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson have confirmed that they're now parents to a baby boy they named Jude.

Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson introduced their baby boy, Jude, on Instagram yesterday. The first-time parents posted their own photos with their firstborn, confirming speculation from late last year that they were expecting. 

Jude was born on October 20, 2020 in the UK, just a month after Janella and Markus went public with their relationship

Now as they continue to treat everyone to more sweet surprises, Janella and Markus revealed their son Jude's birth in a vlog up on their new YouTube channel M & J & J (judging from the name, it'll be a family-focused channel!). 

The 27-minute long vlog, which is really more like a short film, is a truly emotional watch. 

It opens with Janella reading aloud a letter she wrote to her baby boy. 

"Hey, Jude. As I compose this, I'm staring at your perfect little face with all the love I didn't know I had in me. I'm feeling so many emotions... I was quite nervous about this day because I know how harsh the world can be," Janella begins, alluding to how she and Markus chose to keep their pregnancy a secret until they felt that they were ready to share the news with the world. 

Janella Salvador And Markus Paterson Will Finally Address The Baby Rumors


Janella Salvador And Markus Paterson Will Finally Address The Baby Rumors

She ends her short but sweet message to Jude, and the vlog cuts to clips of her in a maternity shoot and her spending time with Markus in the UK as they were waiting for Janella to give birth. 

Intimate, unscripted looks into Janella and Markus preparing to become a mom and dad follow; their reactions to learning that they're having a boy, Janella crying happy tears when she heard Jude's heartbeat for the first time, these parents' final trip to the hospital before Jude was born, and Markus taking care of Janella as contractions came and went are just some of the sweet moments the vlog documents.

"You always have to be grateful to your mother because she's literally gone through so much," Markus half-jokes as he talks to Jude just hours before he's born.

The vlog also shows clips of Janella and Markus' showbiz friends like Maja Salvador, Kyle Echarri, and Erich Gonzales sharing their heartwarming messages for Jude and his parents.

Janella's mom, Jenine Desiderio, and her little brother, Russell, also took the time to talk about how they've been helping care for the almost three-month-old baby.

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With just one minute left to go in the vlog, Markus reads his own letter to his son. 

"To my son, my firstborn, my darling boy: There isn't enough words to express how much love I have for you. The minute I saw you, I knew I would do anything in this world to protect you... You are loved forever and always by your mother and I. I welcome you, Jude Trevor Paterson, to the world," he says. 

Janella also spent Christmas and New Year with Markus and his family in the UK. Janella's mother joined her abroad last September to be with her as she prepared to give birth. 

Janell and Markus have been dating since 2019. 

Photos from @superjanella@markus, and screenshot from M & J & J on YouTube