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Seeing Double? Jay-Z And Beyoncé’s Fans Thought They Just Saw New Photos Of This Couple's Twins!

A particular set of fans believed that they were in for a huge treat when they watched Beyoncé and Jay-Z perform onstage together!



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While it's no secret that legendary musicians Beyoncé and Jay-Z became parents to twins Sir Carter and Rumi last year in addition to older sister Blue Ivy, they've done a pretty good job at keeping them away from the limelight. Even their most hardcore fans have been unsuccessful in digging up new photos, stolen or otherwise, of the bundles of joy—until now.



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As Beyoncé and Jay-Z kicked off the European leg of their "On The Run II Tour" in Cardiff, Wales' Principality Stadium, the talented tandem flashed two photos of themselves on massive juxtaposed LCD screens. Both images showed Beyoncé and Jay-Z holding two babies which the arena's crowd greeted with deafening screams and cheers.




Everyone assumed that the children in the images were Sir Carter and Rumi. The audience was quick to take to social media to show their own snapshots of the special moment.

However, when contacted for confirmation if the kids in the images were indeed the twins, a trusted spokesperson for Beyoncé swiftly told Buzzfeed that they weren't the couple's children. Additionally, he did not reveal the true identity of the children who were featured in the images, or explain why Beyoncé and Jay-Z chose to have them in their photos.



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Setting aside the confusion from the images, the concert was still a huge success! Expectedly, Beyoncé stunned her audience with her eye-popping outfit changes and flawless singing, while Jay-Z was equally skilled and engaging onstage. Working the crowd together, they proved yet again that they're one of the music industry's most powerful couples.

The "On The Run II" series of concerts are Beyoncé’s first performances since her historic Coachella performance which featured a Destiny's Child reunion. The tour will continue in different European cities until it heads to the US in July.



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In the meantime, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s fans will all just have to sit tight and wait until these protective parents decide when Sir Carter and Rumi can officially say hello to the world again. With their gorgeous parents and adorable big sister, we don’t doubt that the wait will be worth it.


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