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Jennifer Lawrence Tells The Internet To Stop Overreacting To Her Sexy Versace Dress

You would want to show it off, too, if you got to wear it. 

The black, body-hugging dress featuring a plunging sweetheart neckline and thigh-high slit was JLaw's choice and there was no way she was going to cover it up with heavy outerwear—even if it meant braving the hair-raising winter chill in London for an outdoor photo op! 



The 27-year-old was seen sporting the Versace dress last Tuesday at London’s Corinthia Hotel, where she was joined by fellow cast members Francis Lawrence, Matthias Schoenaerts, Joel Edgerton, and Jeremy Irons for the promotion of their film, Red Sparrow. It would have been a routine photo shoot for the veteran actors, until JLaw had to bear the torrential backlash from critics who pointed out the difference in their clothing; Jennifer showed skin—and lots of it—while her male counterparts were wrapped up in thick wool coats, scarves, and boots. News outlets and ordinary citizens alike claimed it was an example of sexism in Hollywood, while others criticized Jennifer's choice for dressing for a myriad of other reasons. 







Known to be opinionated and ready with clapbacks, the Oscar-winning actress strongly reminded her critics and who she thought were misguided "feminists" that revealing outfits are not always tell-tale signs of discrimination in Hollywood. Amidst the industry's many controversies anchored on the diminished value of women in entertainment, people seemed to be too quick to label situations as being unfair to women. In this case, the Hunger Games star mentioned how deeply insulted she was to have been thought of as having no say in what she wore, or how she would like to present herself to the world as a woman. 


"It's creating silly distractions from real issues. Get a grip people," Jennifer writes in a Facebook post in response to the issue echoing the sentiments of camps from the other side of the story.  







The dress, which she described as fabulous and gorgeous, she says she would have worn and stood in the snow for because of her love for fashion. Regardless of when and where else she might have worn it, the outfit was her choice and not anyone else's. To move forward, she wants everyone to avoid making controversies out of the little things and definitely stop misusing feminism as a justification. 

"Everything you see me wear is my choice. And if I want to be cold, THAT'S MY CHOICE TOO!" she ends with an unmistakable bang. 



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