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EXCLUSIVE: Jessy Mendiola Is "The Girl In The Orange Dress"


Jessy Mendiola’s career is on an upswing. Everything is better and brighter for one of the sexiest and most beautiful women in Philippine showbiz—she had just landed the titular role in the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 (MMFF) entry The Girl in the Orange Dress

It’s Jessy’s first time acting in a romantic comedy, a departure from the usual drama projects she takes on. It is also her first lead role. “I’m really nervous. But I’m also excited. Doing rom-com is so different from drama. You always have to get your timing right,” she confides. Thankfully, her family is more than supportive. “They’re actually planning a block screening of the movie as early as now. That’s how excited they are. I’m grateful.”

The leading lady smiles at the thought of having her loved ones’ full support; even her boyfriend, Luis Manzano, will be staying in Manila during the holidays, just so he can cheer her on. Everything looks peachy for Jessy and she surely has plenty to smile about this Christmas season.


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On Jessy: Black fringe dress by Miss Selfridge; gray suede cropped top by Topshop & gray wide-legged pants both by Mango | Additional photos from @senoritajessy


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This, however, wasn’t the case two years ago, when the actress went through body image and weight issues. Going through it wasn’t easy, but Jessy was able to bravely overcome it. With this triumph also came new insights about self-love. “I know it sounds so cliché, but you always have to love yourself. When I accepted my hips, my thighs, I started to take care of myself better, so I can be healthier. I know that it sounds ironic, coming from someone like me, a celebrity. But you know, you don’t have to look a certain way," Jessy tells Metro.Style. "Hindi naman tayo iisa lang ang hitsura. Hindi naman dapat template 'yung hitsura natin. We all have our own beauty, our own looks, our own body types. Try to be the best version of yourself. Stop trying to be like everyone else. Also, just try to be positive. A positive mind leads to a healthy life and a beautiful aura.”

Aside from growing in terms of self-love, the leading lady also tells us that she has grown into a better person with the help of Luis. As the more serious and reserved one between the two of them, Jessy has learned to be more open and lighthearted. She says, “He’s such a positive person and I think he’s such a great guy. Everyone knows that. Luis taught me to greet people, to open the door for everyone. Now, I’m more open and positive towards more people in my life.”

When asked about what she loves most about Luis, her face brightens even more. “His humor, my gosh! Who doesn’t like his humor? He’s such a crazy guy. He’s not the jokey type. He’s funny because of his expressions. He’s not ashamed of looking silly," Jessy shares. "For example, he would dance all of a sudden or he’d make funny facial expressions or say things. I really appreciate that about him.”

With a healthy new mindset, an exciting movie project, and a love life that keeps getting stronger, Jessy is undoubtedly having the time of her life. In between showbiz commitments, the actress spends her time reading her favorite books by Paolo Coelho and listening to her favorite songs. “I love Paolo Coelho. I’m such a boring person. Right now, I’m reading Adultery, 'yung next naman The River Piedra… Iba 'yung insights and views niya in life, kaya ko gusto. I’ve also read The Alchemist four or five times.”

Jessy always finds time to spend with her loved ones as well. This Christmas, after all the MMFF preparations, she and Luis plan to just relax and enjoy with their families. Jessy says, “We always spend Christmas with his family and my family. It’s always a fun, very Filipino celebration.”


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While The Girl in the Orange Dress is Jessy’s biggest project to date, she isn’t pressured to stay busy for the sake of it. She wishes to savor the moment and think about her next career steps thoroughly. “Right now, I’m just really focused on the movie,” she quips. "This is my benchmark. If the movie does well, that’s where everything will start for me. This is one of my big breaks. I’ll focus on this one first and see how it will go.”

Whether the movie turns out to be a success or not, Jessy is also looking forward to starting a few personal projects. She plans to put up a lifestyle vlog, so she can reach out to her fan base and share things like self-care and fitness tips. She’s also looking into starting a business in the near future. “I’m planning something fun, something that involves the beach and swimwear,” she hints. 

Indeed, life is good for Jessy Mendiola. With many things to be happy about and grateful for, she is truly destined to go on to greater things.



Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photography by Dookie Ducay

Sittings Editors: Geolette Esguerra and Judy Arias

Makeup by Kusie Ho 

Hairstyling by Berlie Angeles

Styling by Patty Yap, assisted by Justine Riguer