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EXCLUSIVE: “He’s My Home”—Jessy Mendiola Opens Up About Her Relationship With Luis Manzano


Eto ‘yung feeling na, he’s home. My home.”

They say home is where the heart is. In this case, though, “home” doesn’t refer to the physical structure as it usually does; it pertains to something intangible yet it’s so real you can feel it.

The statement is actress Jessy Mendiola’s response to Metro.Style’s question: “Does she think her current boyfriend, Luis Manzano, is ‘The One?’”     


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Jessy expounds, “You know, when you get the feeling that you’re at home and you’re very comfortable with someone, hindi mo na nararamdaman ‘yung butterflies in your stomach.” Instead, what she feels is a certain longing to see Luis, tell him how her day went, and spend every second of her day if only she could. That’s how she knew he’s the love of her life.



‘cos I miss you. ??

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Work(ing it) out

In almost three years that they’ve been a couple, Jessy and Luis have discovered their common denominators and have worked around their differences. The two undeniably enjoy each other’s company, and as they embark on more adventures together, they become better individuals, too.

One thing they are both dedicated to is staying in shape, and they motivate one another to stick to their own fitness routines. Jessy, who trains with Mama Kat (Geronimo-Garcia), works out in the confines of her condo unit, while Luis is a gym buff. At times, they go on a sweat sesh together. “I like that he’s very active and always on his feet. Siya ‘yung very ‘Tara, let’s go! Tara, let’s workout!’” Jessy shares. With her boyfriend’s intense routines, she admits that there are times when it’s hard for her to keep up. Luis works out “like a beast,” as Jessy describes it. But she follows his moves anyway, and affectionately muses, “Mahal lang kita e, kaya kita sinasabayan.”



Vaticano with Manzano.

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Meanwhile, Jessy’s idea of burning the calories, apart from her regular at-home exercise, is through traveling. She likes walking and sightseeing, while Luis would always drag himself to leave their hotel. “I’m lazy to move around, but I like walking. Siya ‘yung tamad sa ganu’n. Opposites talaga kami,” Jessy reveals.

Despite the obvious differences, Jessy points out that compromise is their way of working things out. What’s good about the twosome is they are open to learning things with and from each other. “Because he’s a bit more mature than I am, you would think na he’s all set, he’s made it already. But he’s the type to learn. I think that’s what makes our relationship work. He also listens to me kahit mas bata ako,” she explains, adding that she makes it a point to hear her other half out as well.






Bringing out the best in each other

You know you’re in a good relationship when you’re able to grow together as a couple and, at the same time, grow individually. They find comfort, happiness, and love in each other as they explore the world hand in hand.



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They go on pig out dates, fly from one country to another, encourage each other to keep moving forward and upward, and take home what they can from these experiences. The actress recalls how her first skydiving experience with Luis turned into a passion. While on vacation for Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff’s wedding in New Zealand, they tried out the sport and were delighted with the thrill that came with it. “He just really pushed me. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have tried it,” she says. Now, Jessy eyes training as a jumpmaster.



When was the last time you did something for the first time? ??

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On the other hand, it’s Jessy who influenced Luis to travel more. “He’s not a traveler kasi,” she shares. “But pansin ko sa kanya now, whenever I ask him, ‘Do you wanna go here?’ He would say ‘yes.’” And so, recently, the two took a break from showbiz and flew to Paris and Rome for a memorable summer escapade to celebrate their second anniversary.



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The Howhows. ??

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They still have a long bucketlist of adventures, like opening a business and looking for more adrenaline-pumping activities to experience together. But as they await their next adventure, they’re fine settling in the city. After all, they are each other’s home.



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