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WATCH: Jinkee Pacquiao Shows Us Her Favorite Luxury Bags

When she once had barely anything, Metro.Style cover girl Jinkee Pacquiao now has everything.

From designer duds, limited edition accessories, to the luxury market's most expensive bags, her fashion collection is brimming to the top with many of the most covetable items that money can buy. In fact, her closet is so well-outfitted that it lets her go for at least a year without repeating pieces—a fashion maven's dream come true!


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But despite owning a wide array of stylish pieces to choose from, Jinkee does have her favorites that she could never go without. According to her, she's especially in love with bags and considers four of them them some of the best investments she's made since she first developed a taste for the finer things in life.



Photos of Jinkee with some of her chicest designer bags


In no particular order, she names a yellow minaudière case from French luxury leather goods maker Goyard, an Hermès Himalayan Birkin, a second Hermès Birkin in gray snakeskin, and a neutral two-tone Hermès Kelly Ghillie as her top picks. 

Check out why she loves each so dearly and when she uses them the most in the video below!



Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photography by Gee Plamenco, Jr.

Creative direction by Butchie Peña

Makeup by Denise Go-Ochoa

Hair by Jay Wee

Styling by Maita Baello and Shark Tanael of Qurator Studio

Liaison editor: Francis Simeon

Video producer: Joan Ko

Videography by Gian Escamillas

Special thanks to Christian Mark Jacobs of Naked Patisserie and Te Amo Flowers

Gallery images from @jinkeepacquiao