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40+ Photos Of Manny & Jinkee Pacquiao's Dreamy Winter Escapades In Switzerland, Germany & Austria!

According to Jinkee Pacquiao, tropical summer vacations can wait!

Even with rising temperatures back home, this jetsetter and wife to world-famous boxing champ Manny Pacquiao isn't quite ready to trade in her coats and boots for swimwear and sandals. As she continues to enjoy the tail end of western Europe's snowy season, Jinkee shows many of the scenic sights, historical spots, and luxurious treats one can expect from three of the region's most beautiful destinations: Switzerland, Germany, and Austria!


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The fashion-loving mom has been hopping from city to city for a week now, exploring both urban and outdoor destinations, and she's certainly given us a taste of what her experiences have been like thanks to all her photos.

Check out some of her itinerary highlights below and a gallery of her best snaps with Manny and her family!




Rheinfall, Zurich, Germany

It's the biggest waterfall in Germany and pretty much all of Europe, making it a sight to see no matter the season. Though as winter slowly gives into spring, this natural wonder looks as majestic as ever with its icy layer finding life again as the days heat up. 


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Titlis Mountain, Switzerland

There's a reason why the world's well-heeled go to Switzerland to spend their holidays on its snowy slopes—they're absolutely breathtaking! Whether you visit this destination as a skier or a casual sightseer, you'll enjoy either way. There are endless things to marvel at and photograph, and if you're lucky, snow will actually be falling, too.


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Schloss Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany

History is often better appreciated when you get up close and personal with it. Take this 19th century castle on a hill that was so wonderfully preserved and maintained as an example; exploring its rooms, hallways, and surrounding grounds will easily bring to mind images of a time gone by. 


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Salzburg, Austria

Lovers of classical musician Mozart would love to visit this city as it's home to a museum that houses an extensive collection of many of his childhood instruments and other belongings. It's got a cafe, too, which means visitors are encouraged to sit and rest for a moment to truly appreciate the place's atmosphere. 


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Hallsatt, Austria

This sleepy town could be taken straight out of a postcard or a page in a fairytale book. Centuries-old alpine houses rest on the lakeside of gently rolling snow-capped hills, all of it making up a view that's both relaxing and awe-inspiring. Time has barely touched this town; it's truly a living example of how the past, present, and future have intertwined. 


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Lucerne, Switzerland

Don't underestimate this compact city's size; small as it may be, it's filled to the brim with corner cafés, one-of-a-kind shops, and photogenic corners that any traveler would be happy to see. Well-loved for its mix of architecture and location (it's framed by a crystalline lake and a majestic mountain ridge), it's highly suggested to take your time when visiting—no rushing, and rather, take in everything there is to experience. 


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