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Joey Mead-King Meets Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez And Other “Women Of Style”

Style is not just about what we wear anymore. Style has influenced every facet of our lives—from how we design our homes, where we travel, what we do for work, and basically how we live our lives.

Many women have started to embody and embrace their unique sense of style. And on her new Metro Channel show, Women of Style host Joey Mead-King meets and talks to these amazing women, who we can all look up to and whose style is something we can emulate.


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These are the women who live classy, well thought out, well-curated, and mindful lives. These are the "Women of Style":



Hindy Weber Tantoco



For years, Hindy curated the metro’s luxury fashion as the in-house designer for many of Rustan’s brands. She breathed high-end fashion and the opulent life, dressing the society’s elite.

But today, Hindy takes a step back from the limelight and goes back to her passion for healthy living to create Holy Carabao Holistic Farms, a farm-to-family and honest-to-goodness agricultural company that provides healthy and organic produce.


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Nowadays, when Hindy is not busy running her farm in Laguna, she is exploring the world with her husband Gippy and their kids.




Kim Jones



She is a stylist, a designer, a host, a model, and an all-around digital creator. She travels the world and bookmarks every beautiful destination with an equally beautiful photograph, showcasing the beauty and confidence she carries with her wherever she goes.



Kim Jones has become a trend-setter, someone who every millennial woman would want to become. She also defines her own femininity, not bowing down to pressure when it comes to making the decisions in her life.


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Recenty, Kim also added another feather to her already-festooned hat and launched her directorial debut with “Archetype,” a short film that encapsulates the “natural progression” of her work from starting out as a small blog to a full-blown editorial website.



ARCHETYPE. Today. Watch this space.

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Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez



Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez is best known for her work now as the Vice President and COO of Philux, a family-owned business that offers luxuriously-finished furniture. This is why when in comes to design and style, she is totally an authority. She has professional experience in both interior design and fashion management, having worked with architecture and design firm Pierce Allen and the fashion label Marchesa. And today, she is taking Philux to amazing heights, as she helps inspire timeless elegance and sophistication in the many homes that they touch.

She is a woman of impeccable taste. Well-traveled, this family-oriented girl boss speaks so many languages, too! And this unique and elegant style all shows in the way she and her husband Christian have designed their home.


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This Sunday, August 5, Women of Style premieres with the lovely home of Stephanie, where she shares the story behind her favorite pieces, the aesthetic she mostly loves (clue: Stephanie is big on animal prints), and how she and Christian’s style and taste blended together to create what they now call their “happy place.”

“It was a long labor of love. It was just a nice collaboration between him and myself, and of course elements of our little girls,” Stephanie says. “I like beautiful pieces, I like functional pieces, but at the end of the day, the ones that warm your heart are the ones with history and soul behind them.”

Joey and Stephanie also visit Philux Home, a furniture and accessories concept store that Stephanie calls her second home. This is where she brings together their favorite Philux furniture, collaborations with Filipino designers, and a curated collection of accessories and fixtures from local artisans.


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In the weeks to come, Joey will also get to visit the homes of and talk to more inspiring and elegant women like Mai Mai Cojuangco, celebrated bag designer and genius behind luxury bag brand Demetria; Laura Lehmann, beauty queen and TV host; Bea Valdes, bag and accessories designer who has also collaborated with many brands like Philux; and Wynn Wynn Ong, a veteran jewelry designer who has grown and revolutionized Philippine jewelry making.  


Catch Women of Style, premiering this Sunday, August 5, 7PM on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD.