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Joey Mead King Rides Carabao Kawayan For The First Time At Hindy Weber-Tantoco’s Holy Carabao Farm

In this day and age, taking life at a slower pace is a luxury. Living in the city may grant career success and exciting adventures, but it all comes with a price.

This is why it’s not surprising when Hindy Weber-Tantoco uprooted her thriving career and life in the city as a fashion designer for Rustan’s, to move into the quieter neighborhood of Laguna and establish her own organic farm, Holy Carabao Holistic Farms.



And for this upcoming episode of Women of Style, host Joey Mead King visits Hindy at the farm to learn more about her new passion, and experience the new life that she has built for herself and her family.


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The birth of Holy Carabao

It all started with Hindy just planting organic vegetables for her family at their backyard. But when harvest season came, she found that they would harvest too much for the family to finish, so she started sharing her produce with friends. Suddenly, Hindy started receiving orders from strangers, all clamoring for her organic produce. That’s when she realized that there is a real need for holistic and organic produce, and that she could be the one to supply it.

This is why in 2010, right at the upswing of her career, Hindy made the choice to move her family to Laguna.

“I’ve always been a nature lover. Growing up as a child, I loved animals, I loved being outdoors. But I also loved art and sketching and drawing and painting. I guess my education led me to fashion first but I also wanted to be a zoologist,” Hindy talks about her love for nature. This is why looking at her now, in her new element, she looks more at home than ever.



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Joey experiences many firsts!

Hindy tours Joey around the farm, showing the different nurseries and animals they take care of. Hindy takes Joey to Bunny Barangay, one of the favorite nooks of children in the place, and takes the host to belly rub her first piglet.


Joey and Hindy visit the Bunny Barangay


Joey belly rubs a baby pig for the first time!


Joey was also able to meet Kawayan, the Holy Carabao farm’s male carabao, and got to ride the carabao cart for the first time!



“It’s important for us that everything we sell is humanely raised and harvested. It’s not just about the chemicals that we do not put to the soil, but also how all living things are treated on the farm,” Hindy says about the animals that have also taken refuge at the farm.


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Hindy has started to transform their farm into a place that’s uniquely her own, and she shares that in the future, she’s looking to add a workshop into the farm where people can go to study and practice woodworks, metalworks, sewing, and all kinds of art—something that’s also very dear to her.

She may be designing less, but in this new world, she is creating more—more for herself, more for her family, and more out of life.



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Catch the full episode of Hindy Weber-Tantoco on Women of Style, airing on Sunday, August 19, on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD.