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Joshua Garcia Joins Rumored Girlfriend Julia Barretto And Her Family For Vacay In Chilly Niseko, Japan

Our social media feeds this holiday season are flooded with an overwhelming amount of photos of people on vacay mode—celebs and non-celebs alike. But the series of photos from this particular group stood out for more reasons than one.

First, the beautiful wintry setting, with those snow-capped peaks and snow-covered lands serving as the backdrop, draws you in. The location: Niseko, a skiing resort town in Hokkaido, Japan. Known for its annual average snowfall of more than 15m of powdery light snow, no wonder Niseko is very popular with foreigners.




Good morning??

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Second, this group of vacationers is actually a uniquely fun bunch: Marjorie Barretto and her kids Julia, Dani, Claudia, and Leon, together with their very close family friend Erich Gonzales. Plus, a new addition to the squad: Julia’s loveteam partner (Vince and Kath and James, Love You to the Stars and Back, and Unexpectedly Yours) and rumored boyfriend Joshua Garcia.



My girls??

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Love on the last day of 2017?? It was a good year for all of us. THANK YOU LORD!

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My heart is full ♥?

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Third and most noticeable of all, the chemistry and over-the-top sweetness of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto are undeniable even off-cam—their public display of affection easily heats up the chilly weather. And their messages for each other, delivered through Instagram posts? Stuff that will truly make one's heart flutter. Joshua posted a photo with Julia, with the caption, "Happiness is a choice, and this is mine." Julia, on the other hand, captions a similar photo with: "Ringing in the new year with the person I shared the most magical moments with this year. Thankful for you." She even tweeted a photo of Joshua with lyrics for caption: "How sweet it is to be loved by you." Now that's music to Joshua's ears! 



Happiness is a choice, and this is mine.

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And if there’s anything else their vacay photos prove, it’s that Joshua has clearly become very close to Julia’s family, so much so that he chose to welcome the new year with them as company. As Julia’s rumored boyfriend, it seems this vacation is like a “welcome to the family” greeting to Joshua, don’t you think?

Joshua seems to have gotten especially close to Julia's little brother Leon as well, being that they’re the only boys in this squad during this entire trip. Leon was even the one who photographed some of JoshLia’s uber kilig moments while frolicking in the snow. What a sweet brother! 



??The boys in this trip??????

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2017 was indeed the year of JoshLia (the 'ship name of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto that became a household name during the past year). Now, it certainly appears they're off to a great start this 2018. Happy new year, lovebirds!

Meanwhile, Erich Gonzales, who's also part of this trip, had a great 2017 as well despite her breakup with Daniel Matsunaga. She's looking hotter than ever, and her recent movie Siargao was a huge hit! As she takes in the beauty of nature in Niseko, she was reminded of the trials in the year that was and looks forward to 2018 with a grateful heart.



Photos from @garciajoshuae (thumbnail) and @theleonbarretto (cover photo)