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Julia Barretto Tries To Clear The Air Between Her, Gerald Anderson, And Bea Alonzo

“Everyone is hurting,” she says

This has been a long time coming.

A month ago, on July 21, Bea Alonzo posted a plain black photo on her Instagram with the caption “ENOUGH.” This, as well as a grainy photo of Julia Barretto and Bea’s ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson, prompted the actress’ followers to connect two and two together. The issue immediately became the talk of the town, with people choosing sides between Bea and Julia, and everyone just wanting to know the plain truth.

Bea admitted that she didn’t realize she and Gerald had broken up. He had simply stopped talking to her, she said. Julia—on whom much of the vitriol on social media had been spewed—spoke out. “This is me setting myself free and getting my soul back,” Julia said in a series of Instagram photos she posted in early August. Gerald then shared his side of the story, saying that his and Bea’s issues were ultimately the cause of their end as a couple.

This week, Julia finally addressed the issue that has been plaguing the three of them for the past month. Giving an in-person interview to reporter MJ Felipe, the actress said: “Right now, I think I’m in the process of healing and moving forward from everything that happened the past month. Hindi biro ‘yung pinagdaanan naming lahat. Hindi biro ‘yung pinagdaanan ko, ng pamilya ko, at ng pamilya naming lahat.”

She clarified that Gerald was never her boyfriend, and that she never stole anyone’s boyfriend. She added, however, that she and Gerald remain close friends.

“She’s hurting, he’s hurting, but so am I,” Julia says. “I’m really in so much pain right now. But kailangan magpakatatag. We have to get back on our feet, and move forward, and heal from this.”

Wala kaming choice. We just have to respect each other’s pain. Everyone is hurting. Hindi madali ‘yung pinagdadaanan naming tatlo,” she said.

Bea and Gerald first became a couple after starring together in How To Be Yours. Julia and Gerald, on the other hand, became close friends after shooting their movie Between Maybes.

In the recent weeks, Bea and Julia have made a public effort to move on from this issue, with Julia posting a photo captioned “Next chapter,” and Bea sharing a photo of her as a baby, with the hashtag #OneDayAtATime in the same post. She’s also changed her Instagram bio to the same phrase.