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Karla Estrada Has A Message Of Body Love For Pinays This Summer And Beyond 

She wants you all to #LoveYourCurves! 



Soon ??????

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The body positive hashtag accompanied many of this proud mommy's photos posted on Instagram this week. Each image showed Karla, mom to King of Hearts Daniel Padilla, looking hotter than summer while modeling different in vogue swimsuits in a beach side photo shoot.


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The photos were a nod to last year, when Karla revealed that she had finally fulfilled her dream of donning swimwear in Boracay, the Philippines' beach capital. This year, she came back more confident than ever with the help of swimwear brand Swimsuits for All that's well-loved for making flattering suits for women of all sizes and shapes. 


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As a full-figured singer and actress, Karla sent a simple yet powerful message with the project: life is too short and too full of opportunities for happiness for women to be bothered by insecurities—especially those that come from thinking one's body isn't beautiful in its own right! 


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The message holds true not only for the summer—when many women are expected to be their fittest thanks to the season's skin-baring fashion—but also for all the seasons after that. For Karla, every day is a chance for women to love themselves (curves and bumps and everything in between) and encourage others to foster a healthier appreciation of the body they were given. 


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Karla joins our list of proudly curvy Pinays we love that include: 



Rona Samson Tai




Miss Top of the Wold Plus Size 2017 Jodel Mesina



Happy International Women's Day! #mstopoftheworldplussize2017 #plussize

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Kimi Lu




Kat Gumabao



Confidence isn’t walking into a room with your nose in the air thinking you’re better than everyone else, it’s walking into a room and not having to compare yourself to anyone else in the first place?? . . Wore my @fashionnovacurve dress and shoes to the @bbpilipinasofficial coronation night last Sunday. Felt like a ?? inside and out ?? . . Get 20% off when you use my code KATGUMABAO upon checkout. . . PS: @fashionnovacurve ships to the Philippines ???? . . Makeup: @makeupbykatgumabao Hair: @bbrixbatalla Jewelry: @catlevydiamond . . #BeautyAtAnySize #ILoveMyBody #PlusSizeModel #SexyIsNotASize #EffYourBeautyStandards #BeautyBeyondSize #PlusModel #CelebrateMySize #BeautyBeyondSize #Bopo #PlusSizeBeauty #StyleAndCurve #AngelPlus #HealthyIsTheNewSkinny #HonorCurves #HonorMyCurves #GoldenConfidence #Tcfstyle #BeyondTheCurve #ILoveMyHipsAndCurves #PlusSizeVixens #theCURVYcon #EmbraceYourCurves #BodyDiversity #ootd

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Danah Gutierrez



While I was getting grub at the local eatery across our hotel after the awards night, I got a random message from a follower. It was the first one I got that wasn't from family or friends. Her message was light and friendly--it affirmed me of my purpose, my identity in Christ, and an appreciation of what we do. She even assured me that my love life is gonna bloom anytime soon, specifically this year! Lels! ?? I was delighted. It obviously made me laugh because she really had to squeeze that last bit in there, but more than anything, this message couldn't have arrived at a better time. . The verse in my Bible app (Isaiah 53:3) that night reminded me that the upside-down kingdom of God invests in the heavenly crowns, in things eternal, not trophies or awards here on earth. Let's take it from Jesus, the true God-King who floored the entire world with His humility and His life's paradox. What a comforting and beautiful message from above. I'm sincerely, truly grateful for this opportunity, but at the end of the day, Jesus is still and will always be my ultimate. I never imagined than our "accidental" advocacy would take us here. It's all by His grace. I am honored to have represented the country under the Media & Communications category with my soulmate, no less. It feels good to be recognized, for sure. But I have the Supreme Good, and that alone makes me confident that I am a champion in life. Not because I'm great, but because my God is. . What a privilege to gain a network of strong, incredible women leaders from all over South East Asia. I had a blast visiting friends in Singapore and being with the 2 loves of my life. It's been 8 years since we last traveled together that's just us, and it's been wonderful to bond and experience the city all over again. . Thank you to all the love and support you've given me and Stacy. Do stick around as we shake things up in the dialogue of women empowerment. We hope to bring Beauty, Truth, and Goodness to the discussion, as we press on our careers. Where He goes, we go. ?? . #solideogloria #womangood #audienceofOne

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Stacy Gutierrez



??MAJOR APPRECIATION POST?? I just want to personally and publicly thank my favorite designers, Hanz Coquilla and Ichael Serneo of @ALTACOSTURA.HANZCOQUILLA for creating this gorgeous modern take on a Barong dress! I am all for versatility and practicality, that's why we decided to make the dress a two-piece outfit--so it doesn't just end up sitting in my closet waiting to be worn for the next black-tie event! I am super in love with my barong top and ball skirt! Aaaaaah! ?? Hanz and Ichael just always outdo themselves every time we collaborate on something! ?????????? Wearing their creations do not just make me feel beautiful, but POWERFUL too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Words will never be enough to express how happy and proud we felt while representing the Philippines in this masterpiece of an outfit. ??

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Ivory Yat




Teena Arches



Photos from @karlaestrada1121