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Karlie Kloss Is Engaged, And It's Going To Be One Interesting Marriage—She'll Be The Newest Addition To The Trump Clan

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is about to get hitched! She's set to wed none other than Josh Kushner, little brother to Jared Kushner who happens to be President Donald Trump's senior advisor and husband to Ivanka Trump.



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While Karlie isn't likely to be spend a lot of time with the President or in the White House, her die-hard fans know that her political affiliations—and those of Josh's, at that—will surely make for an interesting mix in the Trump household.

To start, she's a dedicated Democrat. She openly supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US presidential elections, while Josh once said that he'll be a Democrat for life. So far, neither of them have been particularly vocal about the current US President's performance and choices of action or words, but it's safe to say that there are many areas in which they may butt heads.


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Secondly, Karlie is also a great supporter of women's and girl's rights, particularly in the field of education. She co-founded Kode with Klossy a few years ago, a free program for girls aged 13 to 18 that allows them to explore their interest in computer coding and information technology.

According to Karlie, girls with a passion in this field should be given the chance to nurture it, despite its misconception of being male-dominated. Her initiative is a far cry from the American president's approach to the same issue, as he has been criticized on multiple occasions for his treatment of and attitude towards women.


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Third, she and Josh are incredibly private individuals, and their social media accounts are reserved for only (extra) special occasions. In fact, they're so low-key with their personal lives and opinions that they announced their engagement only days after it actually happened!

Their feeds are relatively free of news-making photographs and posts, as opposed to Josh's celebrity-turned-political family in-laws who often make the headlines for what they share online.


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Fourth, it became known that Karlie entered the Jewish faith for Josh in preparation for her wedding, which, safe to say, will be a traditional Jewish ceremony. (It was a process Ivanka also underwent when she married Jared). In relation to President Trump, Karlie's dedication to her husband and their relationship is a stark contrast to how he manages his marriage with Melania, which most observers believe is one-sided and imbalanced.


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After being together for six years before getting engaged, we're sure that Karlie and Josh are more than capable of braving any and all Trump bumps and humps in their relationship, should they even come their way. They're a pretty solid couple many have admired since they first started dating when Karlie was 19, and Josh was 26. They've always concentrated on growing together in private, rather than keeping up with public personas.

Turning the attention on their engagement, this handsome pair of lovebirds got engaged in a recent trip to New York where they enjoyed the afternoon summer sun together. Falling under the category of "extra special" occasions that deserve a spot on each other's social media feeds, the engagement announcement appeared on both Karlie's and Josh's Instagram accounts.


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They have yet to reveal more details about their wedding. We're more than willing to sit tight as we're sure it's going to be worth the wait!

Congratulations, Karlie and Josh!


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