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EXCLUSIVE: Karylle On Her "Superpower" And "The Rhythm" In Her And Yael Yuzon's Marriage

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Some people have normal, everyday “superpowers:" knowing exactly what to say to cheer someone up, having the ability to unearth excellent pieces from an ukay-ukay, or discovering the best restaurants wherever you go. What’s your superpower?

“My power would be the power of invitation,” Karylle muses. “If I invite people, I know they’ll come. That’s not an actual, exciting ‘superpower’ but I love it.”

That power makes a lot of sense though. There are people who can convince you to try things by their sheer enthusiasm and warmth. Karylle is one of those people. This magical, everyday quality of hers comes in handy as she promotes her new film, Mystified, on iflix Philippines.


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“There’s a sense of closeness I feel with people, especially with the kind of work I’m in, as one of the hosts on It’s Showtime,” she said. “Before, I would differentiate between the people in my immediate circle and work. But now, that line has been blurred. So when I ask people to support (the movie), natutuwa ako when they respond positively. During the past couple of shows I’ve done, I’ve been mentioning the movie and people are like ‘Yeah, of course, we’ll support you!’ and cheer. I’m thankful for that.”

She adds, “It’s a movie that both young and senior audiences can enjoy.” Karylle was once doing a show for an older crowd and asked the audience, “Do you have your phones? Will you be able to download the app?” and they answered, “Yeah!” Karylle beamed as she shared this memory, overjoyed by their response.

Aside from line producing the film and doing marketing for it, Karylle also worked on a song called “Simula” for the movie’s soundtrack, with her husband Yael Yuzon. She has also been doing concerts and coming out with music on Spotify, where her song “ILOVEYA” can be heard.


“There’s a sense of closeness I feel with people, especially with the kind of work I’m in, as one of the hosts on It’s Showtime"


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Photo from @anakarylle


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February has been a busy month for Karylle and is one of the busiest months for musicians in general, but she and her husband do their best to celebrate their relationship with some quality time and mutual support. “I super appreciate little things, especially since our work makes us both so busy on key dates, like Valentine’s Day. Usually, it’s Yael who has back-to-back gigs. Recently, I saw him in Ateneo and at the UP Fair. But there are days when we’re both busy working. One Sunday I had a gig out of town, and he forgot. ‘Oh I thought we were going to hang out,’ he said. So he drove all the way to Angeles and it was so sweet. I don’t expect big ‘dates’ but we’ve figured out our own way of being loving.”

Karylle and Yael have found their own rhythm when it comes to married life. “It’s great,” Karylle gushes. “We’re at that point where we’ve eased into our roles as husband and wife. Have you ever felt stuck, creatively? Well, it’s nice to have a partner who pushes you in the right way and with the right pressure. It’s a different kind of support. I have someone who understands my dreams and pushes me to the limits, creatively—Yael encourages me to write my songs, play with the band, go on social media and promote. Things like that.”


"We’re at that point where we’ve eased into our roles as husband and wife... I have someone who understands my dreams and pushes me to the limits, creatively"


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When Karylle and Yael have some free time, they enjoy cooking at home, being with their dogs, and traveling. If Karylle happened to travel without Yael, as much as possible, she schedules another trip to the same place with him. “Sometimes I have trips that are so much fun and I feel bad if he’s not around, so we retake the same trip. We did that recently in San Francisco and Hong Kong with my mom for her birthday,” she tells Metro.Style.

Karylle and Yael also loves traveling within the country. “We’ve been to Batanes and I’d love to go there again. I didn’t realize how much I actually love Vigan, so I’d like to go back there with Yael. I really like old, beautiful spaces. I had so much fun just eating, sitting by the street and having my wine, taking pictures,” she reminisces. Her love for old, historical places made filming Mystified especially fun since a lot of the scenes were shot at Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, a reconstructed 18th-century village with cobbled streets, colonial-style buildings and stilt houses, in Bataan.


"Sometimes I have trips that are so much fun and I feel bad if he’s not around, so we retake the same trip" 


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Photo from @anakarylle


Mystified is "a labor of love among really good friends"


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Mystified revolves around four powerful women who must save the world from a great evil. This iflix original full-length movie reunites Karylle with her former co-stars and friends Iza Calzado, Diana Zubiri, and Sunshine Dizon in a highly-anticipated epic fantasy project. “There have been so many reunion projects around. So we wondered what that would feel like, especially since everyone is on good terms and want to work together again. This project also coincided with the wedding of Iza, so there was a lot of bonding,” Karylle says. “Everything became all the more significant as we shared that milestone in Iza’s life and worked together.” 

Mystified is “a labor of love among really good friends,” Karylle declared happily. It’s obvious that she approaches creative projects, friendships, and marriage with much dedication and love. That’s why her "invitations"—to watch a movie, travel somewhere, or listen to her music—feel warm and welcome. Old and new fans have a lot to look forward to as Karylle invites them to follow her continuous adventures in love and life.


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